10 biggest MISTAKES you make when checking in and checking out of the hotel

“Logistics” of travel can usually be a source of stress while on vacation. We rush to airports, rush to leave hotel rooms, and may lose or forget something. The simplest recipe is to “slow down and exhale”. Spending a few extra minutes (which you usually don’t want to spend) will help you organize everything better. When it comes to hotel accommodation, there are certain rules that will make your trip even more enjoyable.hotel experts shared the 10 biggest mistakes to avoid when checking in and checking out of the hotel.

Don’t ask about resort fees

The last thing you want on vacation is to fall prey to hidden fees. Sometimes the extra costs built in would be resort fees, are unavoidable. The best thing you can do is ask in advance about the resort fee (even if you know there is one) at check-in so you don’t face unexpected extra bills at check-out. unfortunately, resort fees are becoming more common.

Do not request a check k-in early or check-out later

Many people rely on hotel check-in and check-out times and don’t even ask if it’s possible to do these things sooner or later. When booking, keep in mind that some hotel chains are already taking steps to eliminate typical check-in and check-out policies. Some even waive check-in and check-out time limits. So don’t be lazy to ask about this when booking– hotels usually authorize tourists to stay, especially if they have an early or late flight.

Do not request a specific number if you have trouble sleeping

Always keep your sleep preferences in mind while traveling– this is the time to recover and rest deeply . If your habits dictate the type of room you’ll be comfortable in, say, “I have trouble sleeping, can I ask for a room away from the elevator, on a high floor, with a view of the street or a less crowded courtyard?” feel free to request this for your convenience.

You forget to “check” your video camera before you leave

“Wallet, phone, keys?”. The same “wallet, phone, keys” principle applies to checking out of the hotel room electronically (make sure you add the “documents” element here as well). Go through the checklist mentally and glance around the room before you leave, paying attention to the reward Don’t forget the bathroom.According to the hotel staff, they won’t be able to count all the chargers that guests have left in their rooms.

Do not leave contact information when registering

It is more b leave a contact number at the reception as soon as you arrive at the hotel. Different situations can arise, so it is essential to always be on the phone!

Do not tip the staff

This is not a mandatory rule, but rather a rule of good manners (unless, of course, you are satisfied with the quality of cleanliness in the room). We often tip waiters, bartenders, barbers and taxi drivers. If you forgot to leave a tip during daily housekeeping during your stay, please leave it on the bed before you check out.

Wait in line to check out

It is your responsibility to electronically vacate the room on time, at the scheduled check-out time. Tourists usually wait in line to pay the bill for additionals at the hotel, but if you provide your email address at check-in, the bill will be sent to you there and you won’t have to stand in line. Don’t forget to leave your card/key in the room or give it to someone at the reception.

Don’t look at the itemized bill when you check out

If you’re worried that the hotel won’t email you the bill– or you won’t see it because your inbox is full– then ignore the advice above and schedule some extra time to view the bill at the front desk.

Don’t ask for the best number

Very often guests do not ask for a better room, but it is often possible if it is done politely. Most likely, the hotel always has a few good rooms available, in which someone should check in anyway. Ask politely and maybe that someone will be you.

Pay extra for a better room

Getting a room class higher than the one booked is not much different than trying to get an upgrade from an airline. Either way, ask about it when you sign up and you should have a limit on how much you’re willing to pay. According to experts, the surcharge for a superior room class should not exceed 10% of what you have already paid.

Which of these mistakes did you make on your last vacation?


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