140,000 euros damage – couple lives with dog in luxury hotel for two years – without paying

A man who stayed in a hotel with his wife for two years without paying is now facing three years and three months in prison.

From mid-2019 to 2021, a Couple lived in the Wiesbaden five-star hotel Nassauischer Hof without paying the bills. Therefore, the 60-year-old husband had to answer to the district court in Wiesbaden for serious fraud. According to SWR , a total of 140,000 euros in accommodation costs should have come together. The man paid the first bills of around 5600 euros, after which he reportedly left all other bills open.

Permanent hotel guest cheated on cancer

How the free hotel life was possible for so long is unclear. According to SWR research, a hotel employee said that the long-term hotel guest had often complained about various defects. Allegedly cockroaches were in his room, walnuts were moldy and the defendant’s wife found a worm in the salad. In addition, the defendant claimed that he was suffering from cancer and was being treated in Wiesbaden.

The convicted person threatened the company with bad reviews on Tripadvisor

The ex-director Carla Lopes acknowledged a forest cockroach problem, but all other complaints could not be checked, so bild.de When she killed the man asked about the payment gap, he would have threatened her. “He said I have to help him now, because after all he’s also helping the Nassauer Hof– by not going to the press and telling how bad it is here, all on Facebook and Tripadvisor posts. He knows a lot of influential people, otherwise he wants to close the house for us. He blackmailed us as a company,” she said.

Lopes also believed him that he had cancer: “He kept telling his stories, money came from the USA, his last was there been a job. I really thought he was paying for it. He had Prada bags, and his wife was always dressed very classy.”

The man was only banned from entering the hotel after the management of the hotel had changed.


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