17 incredible places in Norway

Norway is without a doubt an incredibly beautiful and varied country. Just look at these arguments as to why.

Find the world’s best hotels at Laurel Nights. 1. Stryn, Sogn og Fjordane

Stryn is located in the innermost part of Nordfjord, in an area known for its spectacular surroundings with glaciers, beautiful fjords and mountains. Stryn can offer a rich selection of nature experiences. Here you can walk over the glacier, go for a walk in the greenery and enjoy the beautiful dunes in one and the same day. hotel: Stryn Hotell

2. Senja, Troms

Beautiful, idyllic and Norway’s largest island after Hinnøya. The scenery at Senja is a cross-section of Norwegian nature, with everything from calm landscapes with marshes, high mountains, pine forests and wooded moors. You can experience Senja through a beautiful sea journey with the Hurtigruten. hotel:

Port in Senja

3. Kjeragbolten, Stavanger

Perhaps the world’s most famous rock? Kjeragbolten is located on the mountain Kjerag – approximately 1000 meters above sea level. The bolt on Kjerag is a round rock that has quickly settled between two mountain sides — and it is possible to stand on top of this — if you dare! Many mountain climbers and base jumpers go here, guys a walk up to the bolt also offers a bit of an adrenaline rush. hotel: Byrkjedalstunet

4. Geiranger, Møre and Romsdal

Spectacular views, snow-capped mountains and wild waterfalls. Geiranger is one of Norway’s most popular destinations with over 700,000 visitors from all over the world every year. In addition, Geiranger is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as named the best-preserved World Heritage Site by the American magazine National Geographic. hotel: Hotel Union Geiranger

5. Ramberg, Lofoten

A charming village on Flakstadøya in Lofoten, known for its beautiful beaches on Lofoten’s outer side. hotel: Ramberg Gjestegård

6. Svalbard

Svalbard is one of the world’s largest areas of untouched nature – with the northern lights and the endless starry sky as the biggest attraction. hotel: Coal Miners Cabin

7. Sognefjorden

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Western Norway, which stretches from the coast just north of Bergen to Jotunheimen’s troll mountain. At 204 metres, the Sognefjord is Norway’s longest and deepest fjord. hotel: Quality Hotel Sogn & & Fjordane

8. Trolltunga, Hardanger

The Trolltunga in Hardanger rises 1,100 meters above sea level. The goal for the trip is the Trolltunga mountain shelf which juts straight out of the mountain, 700 meters above Ringedalsvannet below. Imagine standing there and looking out over the lake, surrounded by mountain peaks. Beautiful. hotel: Trolltunga Hotel

9. Omastranda, Kvam, Hordaland

This beautiful town in Western Norway is located by the Hardangerfjord, and has a fantastic location with mountains and sea.


Thon hotel Sandven

10 Henningsvær, Lofoten

This gem is perhaps Lofoten’s most beautiful fishing village, which consists of a group of scattered islands and islets. hotel: Henningsvær Bryggehotell

11 Lysebotn, Rogaland

Lysebotn is a small village surrounded by high and steep mountains, in full speed to become a tourist magnet. Around 100,000 tourists visit Lysebotn every year to see the beautiful natural landscape. hotel: Sirdal Høyfjellshotell

12 Trollkyrkja, Fræna

Perhaps you haven’t seen limestone caves in Norway yet? In Fræna, there are three limestone caves with underground basins and waterfalls that run through the mountain massif. This intriguing cave is worth a visit– and will surely surprise you. hotel:

Scandic Seilet

13 Rjukan, Telemark )

Rjukan is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is located right next to the Hardangervidda National Park. The city is best known for Gaustatoppen; one of Norway’s most beautiful mountains.

14 Hjørundfjord, Møre and Romsdal

The Hjørundfjord is surrounded by the mountains which are considered the core area of ​​the Sunnmør Alps. One of the longest fjords in Norway, which you can experience on foot or by boat.


Radisson Blu hotel Ålesund

15 Kvalvika, Lofoten

Kvalvika is one of the most beautiful places to go hiking, with one of the most beautiful beaches. There is actually nowhere else in Norway with as many beautiful beaches as in Lofoten. An unknown beach paradise with turquoise water, soft sand like flour, and snow-capped mountains.

16 Aurlandsdalen, Sogn og Fjordane

Aurdalen is known as “Norway’s Grand Canyon”; a great nature experience with dramatic mountain scenery and a scenic hiking area. A fantastic piece of Norway that takes you through a landscape you have hardly experienced before.

Hotel: Aurland Fjordhotel 17 Whales

Whales consists of a total of 833 islands, reefs and islets. An island municipality at the far end of the Oslofjord, southwest of Østfold. The archipelago is rich in experiences, especially in summer. Experience the unique archipelago by bike, by boat, car or public transport. hotel: Vikerhavn


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