2022 review: the French hotel industry stays on course and performs well in 2022 [Part 1]


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In line with the patterns observed throughout the last half of 2021, the year 2022 appears to mark the healing of activity throughout the nation. Hotels efficiency is returning to the levels of 2019 and providing brand-new hope to a sector that has actually been hard struck by the health crisis. This rebound was driven in specific by an extremely beneficial 2nd half of the year with a strong boost in typical rates. It ought to be kept in mind that the financial, geopolitical and health context, although not extremely beneficial, had no genuine effect on activity, showing as soon as again the strength of the French hotel market.

Evolution mensuelle des performances de l'hôtellerie française 2021 2022

Although French hospitality efficiency was irregular throughout 2022, it did mark a specific go back to regular after 2 rollercoaster years. Hence, various durations stand apart:

  • The year 2022 did not start under the very best of auspices as the 5th wave of the Omicron version swept throughout the nation. This new age did not have the very same effect as the previous ones, with the month of February marking the resuming of particular worldwide borders and completion of masks in specific locations. The following month, masks were definitively deserted. As an outcome, the general tenancy rate in March was 58.5%.
  • The return of worldwide travelers in April, integrated with excellent weather condition, allowed hotel operators to fill, especially throughout the Easter vacations. France therefore tape-recorded a boost in RevPAR of 3.1% compared to the very same duration prior to the health crisis. This favorable pattern continued in May with efficiencies going beyond pre-crisis levels, with RevPAR up by 19.6%.
  • Despite the heat wave, flight interruptions, inflation, the war in Ukraine and the absence of workforce, the summertime duration has actually revived some colour to French hotel operators. With a RevPAR of EUR88 in July-August, France taped a boost of more than 22% compared to the pre-crisis duration. Unsurprisingly, the seaside locations tape-recorded much better efficiencies despite the fact that the inland locations were commonly favoured.
  • The salutary result of the summertime on hospitality activity continued into the fall, with visitors benefiting from the season’s wings and the start of organization travel. As an outcome, the French hotel market published a tenancy rate of 75.9% in September, a distinction of just -1.70% compared to 2019.
  • Although the energy crisis and social motions have actually cast a shadow over the last quarter of 2022, the hotel market has actually revealed its durability and tape-recorded excellent efficiencies, especially throughout the All Saints’ and Christmas vacations. In December, while France was dealing with fuel lacks, the French hotel market was rather complete. The boost in hotels efficiency in December 2022 vs. 2019 ( 0.20%) should be taken into viewpoint as this month in 2019 was marked by the “gilets jaunes” motion.
TOC 12/22 TOC 12/21 Ecart (pts) vs N-1 Ecart (pts) vs N-3 PMC 12/22 PMC 12/21 Evol % vs N-1 Evol % vs N-3 RevC 12/22 RevC 12/21 Evol % vs N-1 Evol % vs N-3
Super-économqiue 64,7% 50,4% 14,3 -2,5 53,8 47,9 12,5% 10,0% 34,8 24,1 44,5% 5,9%
Economique 63,7% 45,4% 18,2 -4,7 79,6 69,6 14,4% 10,3% 50,7 31,6 60,4% 2,7%
Moyen de Gamme 65,1% 41,3% 23,8 -4,6 122,3 102,6 19,2% 13,3% 79,6 42,4 87,8% 5,8%
Haut de Gamme & & Luxe 66,1% 34,6% 31,5 -7,5 260,9 209,1 24,8% 23,8% 172,5 72,4 138,2% 11,1%
Global 64,7% 44,4% 20,3 -4,4 107,1 84,4 26,9% 14,3% 69,2 37,5 84,8% 7,0%

The year 2022 began much better for the super-economy variety with a January tenancy rate of 44.4%, while the high end & & high-end sector began the year with a tenancy rate of 31.1%. The greater sectors were hence listed below the total rate of 37.9%.

However, upscale and high-end homes captured up from April onwards, being the only section to tape a boost in RevPAR for the year 2019 ( 1.20%). They then continued to control the healing in hospitality activity, even going beyond pre-crisis levels by 34% in July, while the French hotel operator as an entire taped development of around 21.2%. It must be kept in mind that this development is driven by the continual boost in the typical cost ( 34% vs 2019).

This strong momentum in the greater sectors is discussed in specific by the return in force of worldwide clients from the 2nd quarter of the year, even if Asian clients were still missing out on due to the health constraints still in force at that time.

May saw a strong rebound in activity for all varieties integrated. All of them went beyond pre-Covid levels for the very first time this year, with a total boost in RevPAR of 19.6% and a typical rate boost of 173%. This upward pattern was driven in specific by a go back to tenancy levels ( 1.3 pts relative to 2019).

The return of trade convention, fairs and other global occasions likewise had an effect on hotels tenancy, as revealed by the Paris Motor Show and Fashion Week, which was held at the start of October in Paris. A hectic schedule that benefited all sections, with tenancy rates varying from 69.3% for the super-economy to 75.5% for the leading end. The mid-range is even going back to regular with a rate similar to that of 2019.

After leading the sector’s healing in 2021, the super-economy and economy sections lost some momentum in 2022, being surpassed by the midscale and high end sectors since April. The super-economy sector reveals the greatest development in tenancy rates, -2.5% compared to the pre-crisis duration, versus -4.4% for the hotel market as a whole.

Evolution mensuelle du RevPAR par gamme en 2022Evolution mensuelle du RevPAR par zone en 2022

As in 2021, the Province led the video game at the start of 2022, narrowing the space with pre-Covid levels. Regional tourist and the growing cravings for nature locations are no complete strangers to this phenomenon. Therefore, while the Province revealed a RevPAR development of -2520% in January, the Capital was still dragging by 51.30%, i.e. practically double.

But it didn’t take wish for the City of Light to surpass the rest of France in regards to hospitality efficiency. From April onwards the pattern was reversed, with Paris publishing a tenancy rate of 79.6% compared to 59.7% for the rest of France. Throughout the very same month, Paris likewise went back to its pre-crisis levels ( 6.30% compared to 2019 RevPAR).

In the following months, Paris continued to see its hotels efficiency increase, ending the year on a high note with a typical rate of 210.9 euros in December, a boost of around 39.6% compared to2019

A rebound in efficiency that can be associated with the strong healing of the high-end sector, with a big percentage of the homes in this variety situated in the capital. And similar to the greater sectors, Paris has actually benefited significantly from the return of worldwide clients.

On the other hand, the truth is rather various for the Ile-de-France, which is having a hard time to keep steady activity throughout the year and to go back to its pre-crisis levels. It is likewise the only location that has actually not captured up in regards to RevPAR in 2019 (-5.3%).

However, the significant occasions that happened in Paris in October made it possible for hotels in the Ile-de-France to fill, with the area publishing a 20.2% boost in RevPAR compared to 2019, while the capital published a 44.1% boost.

In addition to all these elements, there is the dynamism of the domestic markets of these locations and their appearance to regional consumers. Travelers are altering their practices and a regional now considers his/her pause in a different way, in some cases relying on a couple of nights less than 100 km from house.

This pattern is highly highlighted by the staycation fad, or how to escape everything simply a couple of actions from house thanks to a packaged deal that takes the traveler out of his regular life. Tourist experts and locations have actually ended up being conscious of these modifications and do not think twice to propose deals that likewise target residents with the pledge of an out-of-the-ordinary experience simply a stone’s toss from house.

Thus Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the Region Sud, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Île-de-France, in addition to being appealing areas for travelers, take advantage of a strong regional market, specifically in metropolitan areas that have plenty of city occupants looking for fresh air.

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