2nd FIZI edition – Panel 2: Vision and expectations of industrialists on the industrial zones of the future

Returned, after two years of absence, put on a most brilliant edition, the 2nd edition of the International Forum des Zones Industrielles (FIZI) opened on December 7, in Casablanca, at the Carré d’Or hotel. After the opening of the ceremony, around the central theme of “ Sustainable industrial zones, what offers could a competitive industry ” praise was made to the panels, with themes as rich as they are instructive.

If the first panel brought to light the challenges of ” sustainable industrial zones as an accelerator of industrial competitiveness “, the 2nd, highlighted ” the vision and expectations of industrialists for the industrial zones of the future “. Users by quality of industrial zones, also creators of jobs and development in certain sectors of activity, the perch was therefore extended to industrialists, in order to express their visions and expectations for these special economic geographical areas, with a view to make them vectors of industrialization and development for the Kingdom, but also for all of Africa.

Representative Mr. Hakim Abdelmoumen, President of the Moroccan Association for Industry and Automobile Construction (AMICA), Abdelaziz Meftah, Director General of AMICA, enlightened the audience on the importance of having integrated, green, carbon-free and connected industrial zones.

” For industrialists, the industrial zones of tomorrow are integrated, green, decarbonized zones, with amenities offered to employees for their well-being and development. Very often, these people are completely disconnected with industry 4.0 . The good news at the level of the vehicle industry is that of having had the opportunity to develop within industrial acceleration zones, right from the start. An advantage that allowed us to integrate the requirements of the worldwide market. Otherwise we would be out of competition for exports in markets such as Europe. We are now engaged in the process of decarbonization. A very essential point that led us to develop promotes an ecosystem and industry clusters around major players and equipment manufacturers” underlined Mr. Meftah.

To date, at least 90% of companies in the sector have integrated the low-carbon mechanism and the green aspect.” The principle is now adopted at the highest level and taken up on industrial websites. The most important thing today is to achieve total decarbonization “.

For him, the expectations of industrialists also call for development on industrial websites. is one of the reasons that justifies the development of development institutes within the free zones by AMICA.These continuous developments, leading to diplomas, qualifying, aim to give the personality of investors to qualified profiles, with real factory schools. , but also take into account the well-being of the employees.” Thus, while the investor builds the walls of the kid business, we train his human resources according to his specifications. These institutes are managed by AMICA and the strategy center. We are also renting out an R&D and innovation center on TMZ. At the moment, we are emphasizing the 3 to 4 dedicated zones that are Tanger Automotive City, Tanger Free Zone and Atlantic Free Zone, managed by Medz and TMSA. We are working with the Ministry to encourage investment in these areas”.

Following the Director General of AMICA, the Second Vice-President of the Federation of Metallurgical, mechanical and electronic industries (FIMME), Chaibia Balbzioui Al rebounded on the theme could highlight the expectations of the industrialists of the IMME.

Thanking Industrie du Maroc Magazine and kid President -Founder, Hichame Rahoui Idrissi put the FIZI event, as well as the association of his federation to the ceremony, the vice-president of the FIMME made a plea so that the Moroccan company and the Moroccan entrepreneur are at the center of the development strategy.” Prioritize the Moroccan company at the level of the various programs implemented, cars and truck it represents the capital of the Moroccan economy “. According to Mrs. Balbzioui, the Moroccan entrepreneur must be accompanied, in order to take part in the growth and development of boy country. Also, achieve a change of mindset. “It is good to give pride of place to the foreign investor, but the Moroccan company should not be sidelined. The Moroccan investor is the centerpiece of the development of his country”.


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