A giant aquarium burst in the center of Berlin. Over a million liters of water spilled

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A 16 meter high oval aquarium burst in Berlin on Friday. Water from the AquaDom, located in the lobby of the Radisson Blu hotel, also spilled into the surrounding area. Because of this, the important traffic artery in Karel Liebknecht Street had to be closed. 1,500 fish were left on dry land.

The largest oval free-standing aquarium in the world has burst. As late as Thursday, visitors could admire 1,500 fish of more than a hundred different species from the internal lift for 19 euros (about 460 crowns). Now only ruins remain of the popular attraction. Over a million liters of water spilled into the surrounding area.

The event happened around six o’clock in the morning. According to the newspaper

Bild, the explosion was so powerful that it broke doors and windows and sent debris into the street. Shrapnel hit two people. It is not clear whether they were hotel employees or guests, writes the newspaper Die Welt But the pair ended up in the care of doctors.

The event required the presence of more than a hundred members of the emergency services. According to local media, the aquarium may have burst due to material fatigue. At the same time, the AquaDom was reopened only in the summer after 2.5 years of renovation. The costs exceeded 2.6 million euros (over 63 million crowns). Part of the money fell on the silicone gasket, the giant cylinder was also thoroughly cleaned.

According to the Berlin fire department, all guests had to leave the hotel. The Berlin transport company said that the adjacent Karl Liebknecht Street was closed: “There is a lot of water on the road. So far the cause is still unclear.”

The explosion was so powerful that it was even recorded by two seismographs in Berlin.

Obří akvárium v Berlíně pojme přes milion litrů vody|Zdroj: Profimedia



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