A Guinness-class tank explodes. Catastrophe of 1,500 fish and 1 million liters of water | Gizmodo Japan

On the morning of December 16 in Berlin, the world’s largest cylindrical water tank “AquaDom” exploded, and 264,000 gallons (approximately 1 million liters) were stored in the hotel, museum, cafe, etc. ) more water flowed out. Berlin police tweeted, ” An unbelievable ‘maritime accident’ occurred “.

Videos and photos posted on social media by guests on Friday showed dead fish, bent beams, broken glass, and more on the 52-foot glass. The wreckage of the tower can be clearly seen, and the damage situation that can’t be closed is displayed. Two people were injured by shattered glass , but German authorities and rescuers reported no casualties . was announced.

Bro what the fuck the fish tank of my hotel just exploded in the middle of the night WHATS GOING ON.


#Berlin#aquarium#Explosionpic.twitter.com/Od8iS9YxBN — Niklas Scheele (@niklas_scheele) December 16, 2022

Berlin City Fire Department In response to the BBC interview, this About 1,500 fish of 100 species in AquaDom said that most of them died.

The cause of this catastrophe is unknown and EuroNews said local authorities are investigating. “I thought it was a small earthquake this morning, but it was the impact of the AquaDom breaking,” said Sandra Wieser, a member of the German Bundestag, who was staying at the Radisson Collection Hotel. I am speaking to local media . Immediately after the water tank was wrecked, the site was devastated reminiscent of a battlefield.

Not too sure what’s happening but there’s a lot of emergency services doing their best #radissonblu#berlin#hotel#aquadom#aquarium pic.twitter.com/EUzEjaE5MM

— Larissa (@lararimmer) December 16, 2022

Wieser also told a local television station that “there were a lot of dead fish and broken pieces,” The New York Times reports. “Even the fish that might have survived have frozen to death.”

In 2003, German authorities placed emergency responders in the AquaDom at the Radisson Collection hotel. dispatched 100 people. According to Reuters, police said they had evacuated about 350 guests from the hotel due to fear of structural damage. . The aquarium’s website has announced that the AquaDom will be temporarily closed due to the catastrophe.

Die FDP -Abgeordnete @sandra_weeser war auch im Radisson Blu als der #Fischtank explodiert. Hier ihr Video. Gleich erzählt sie davon live auf @welt pic.twitter.com/JicUaRXSeb

— Robin Alexander (@robinalexander_)
December 16, 2022

According to The New York Times, Berlin officials believe the AquaDom fish are unlikely to survive. In addition, since the power has stopped due to this rupture, the fish remaining in other small tanks in the building are also in danger, and at the time of the accident, he was devoted to rescuing them. source
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