A hundred more a night. The state will increase pensions and hostels for Ukrainian refugees due to energy

“If the government of the Czech Republic did not take this step, there would be a threat of mass termination of accommodation by the operators of accommodation facilities and the necessity to look for new accommodation capacities, of which, however, there is already a shortage,” reads the explanatory memorandum of the new decree .

With current high energy prices, it could become unsustainable for hostels to provide asylum to refugees. The decree was prepared by the Ministry of the Interior, and will be discussed by the government after the comment procedure. “We prepared the material based on the decision of the strategic group, which discussed this increase last week with representatives of the regions,” Interior Minister Vít Rakušan (STAN) told Lidovky.cz.

In July, the state 411,458,214 crowns for these contributions, the explanatory report states. Now they are to increase by one hundred crowns per refugee per night. Since September, as of Tuesday, 8,273 people have been accommodated through the Regional Assistance Centers for Helping Ukraine (KACPU). These are people who live in buildings owned by the state or municipalities. From November, the state is to contribute 300 crowns per refugee to them.

The Ministry of the Interior did not provide the number of those who use hotels or boarding houses and to whom the 350 crown contribution will apply, when asked by the Lidovky.cz server .

The contribution to families who accommodated refugees in their homes is not changing for the time being. It remains in the range of five to 15 thousand per month, depending on the number of persons accommodated. The condition is to grant asylum for at least 16 days a month. In September, 21,138 families received this allowance, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MPSV) spent 194 million crowns. For comparison – in August there were 22,528 contributions for around 202 million crowns. sublease,” Jakub Augusta from the press department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications told Lidovky.cz.

Many refugees found housing on their own, through acquaintances or through advertisements. According to data from mobile operators, there were 243,467 Ukrainian SIM cards in the Czech Republic as of Monday. On the same day, the Ministry of the Interior registered a total of 444,533 Ukrainian refugees with temporary protection.

The current arrangement does not allow accommodation operators to pass on part of the costs to refugees. They only receive a flat-rate contribution from the state for their overnight stay. However, its current amount no longer covers the costs for operators who have to face dizzying energy bills.

Five minutes past twelve

According to František Lukla, chairman of the Union of Towns and Municipalities, help comes late. “It is good that the government is reacting to the enormous increase in costs incurred by local governments in connection with the war in Ukraine and with aid to Ukrainian refugees. Unfortunately, this is a measure that does not come in time,” Lukl told the Lidovky.cz server. And at the same time he emphasized that in big cities the amount of the allowance does not cover the usual costs and prices of accommodation. profit, the operators drew attention to the fact that the amount was far from enough.

Václav Stárek, president of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants, already denied in March that hoteliers wanted to make money from the situation. According to him, however, the amount of the contribution, i.e. 250 crowns, was not enough to cover the costs even at a time when energy prices did not rise so dizzyingly.

“The hotel industry can no longer absorb further losses after two years of the pandemic. And therefore, if we want to help, we must at least cover the costs. And those are roughly 500 kroner per bed,” Starek explained in March.

According to Finance Minister Zbyňek Stanjura (ODS), the total expenditure on Ukrainian refugees will be significantly lower than expected. And doubly so. According to him, the costs will probably not exceed around 25 billion crowns, he told Hospodářské novinám. According to him, the reason is that the refugees quickly got involved in work and found their own accommodation. Some of them are accommodated by Czech families for free.

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