A long prison sentence for a Russian woman who wanted to take over her identity by poisoning her friend


20 4. 2023, 08.32

Updated: 20 4. 2023, 10.27

The court in New York already ruled in February that 47-year-old Viktorija Nasirova is guilty of attempted murder and identity theft. Now she was given an appropriate sentence.

When Nasirova heard that she would be sent “out in the cold” for 21 years. harshly cursed the judge, who described the Russian woman as

” an extremely dangerous woman”
, who attacked her friend with
” hellish”

Let us repeat that it is a story that took place in 2016. In August of this year, Nasirova went to visit her beautician friend, 35-year-old Olga Tsvik At the time, the two women were quite similar in appearance and both spoke Russian, which fueled the imagination of Nasirova, who also made a living as a domino in Russia. When she stopped by Olga’s in Queens, she had a treat with her, a cottage cheese cake. She ate two pieces herself, and offered the third to Olga. It wasn’t long before Olga began to twist. She was vomiting and could barely crawl to the bed. The last thing she saw before she lost consciousness was Victoria walking around the room, the BBC reports. The next day, Olga was found by her friend. She was still lying unconscious in her bed, wearing her underwear, with pills scattered all over the bed and the floor. Someone (Viktoria) wanted her death to look like an overdose of pills.

In court, medical experts said that Olga was close to a heart attack due to an overdose, even of death.

Fortunately, she did not die. When she returned home from the hospital, she found that she did not have a Ukrainian passport and a work visa, and jewelry worth about 3,500 euros was also missing. Nasirova was superficial. Traces of her DNA were found in her victim’s apartment, and the same pills, the strong sedative phenazepam, were found at home.


Natalija Nasirova (left) and Olga Tsvik

Poisoned a man on a date and murdered a neighbor

The judge took into account her turbulent past when making the verdict. In 2013, when she was still in Russia, she poisoned a 54-year-old man on a date with fish and robbed him. The following year, however, she crossed the “red line”. She murdered her older neighbor Alla Aleksenko and robbed her as a gift. The Russian authorities interrogated her, but because there was not enough evidence, she was released. When she was charged with murder a few weeks later, Nasirova had already fled Russia. And soon after, she was planning new shenanigans in New York. The Russian authorities have issued an international warrant against her. Nasirova successfully eluded for some time, in March 2017 the New York police finally arrested her, and in 2018 the prosecution filed an indictment for the attempted murder of Olga Tsvik. source
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