A tourist would have been refused accommodation in a Dutch city because he is Romanian. “They treated me like a criminal”

Unui turist i s-ar fi refuzat cazarea într-un oraș din Olanda pentru că este român.

A tourist would have been refused accommodation in a Dutch city because he is Romanian. “They treated me like a criminal”/ Photo: Pixabay

To a Romanian tourist who would was refused accommodation in the Dutch city of Tilburg because of his nationality.

The case of a Romanian tourist who made a reservation through the Booking platform at a hotel in the Dutch city of Tilburg, but who was contacted by the hotel representatives and informed that the reservation was canceled due to his nationality, generates debates in the Netherlands, writes Ziarul de Iași

After making public on social networks the attitude of the hotel which announced that, based on an agreement with the city administration, the hotel cannot receive him, the Romanian was contacted by a regional councilor from Tilburg who told him that he asked for views on this case, the Dutch politician admitting that the problem is “wider”.

The Romanian publicized his situation by publishing on social networks, on March 28, a message he received from a hotel in Tilburg, Holland, which informed him that it could not accommodate him , although he had made a reservation through the Booking platform. The representatives of the hotel explained, in the message sent to the Romanian, that they thank him for the reservation, but that, “unfortunately”, they cannot accept him because of an agreement with the municipality based on which the hotel does not accommodate Romanians.

” I have never encountered such shameless attitude”

” I have traveled the world from the east to the west and from the north to the south, but I have never encountered such a shameless attitude. This kind of people should not be in any kind of hospitality business. When I asked the hotel why, they told me that the Romanians they are involved in illegal activities and treated me like a criminal just because I wanted to spend a night while visiting my friends in the city.What’s next: do you know if I’m allowed to go into restaurants or walk the streets ?”, commented the Romanian.

He told that he had to go to another city where he stayed for one night. The Romanian categorized the attitude of those in Tilburg as “disgusting”.

The reaction of politicians from Holland

The case of the Romanian attracted the attention of the media, but also of politicians from the Netherlands.

On Sunday, Alexandru Hegyi published on social networks a message he received from members of the regional council in Tilburg, who write to him that “unfortunately this is the reality”

” My party and I are trying to raise, at the level of the regional administration, the problem of discrimination in terms of accommodation . This is a problem not only in Tilburg, it is wider. Your case is a clear example of discrimination. First, and most essential, is that I have informed the officials of the anti-discrimination organization about your case and I am waiting for a response from well, soon. Furthermore, today I sent four questions about your case to the Council of Mayors and I received the promise that I will receive answers soon. Kid, I’m also waiting for a statement from the municipality,” the Dutch politician wrote to the Romanian. )

A Dutch journalist, in turn, contacted Alexandru Hegyi and told him that initially the hotel officials complained about the illegal activities of the Romanians. After a first contact with the journalist, the representatives of the accommodation unit could no longer be contacted by him.

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