Actor and director Bouli Lanners made honorary citizen of the City of Liège

The director Bouli Lanners was made an honorary citizen of the City of Liège on Saturday by the mayor Willy Demeyer, at the hotel from Ville de la Cité ardente.

Damn, I’m from Liège anyway“, had let go of Bouli Lanners during the Cesar ceremony , on February 24 last at the Olympia in Paris. This expression clearly accelerated the decision of the City of Liège to elevate the director to the sounded status of honorary citizen. “ Bouli was already on a pre-list of honorary citizens. When he uttered this extraordinary expression which spoke to our hearts, I asked that we speed things up and that we contact him very quickly“, explained the mayor Willy Demeyer.

During the ceremony of the advertisement hoc medal, the mayor recalled the career of Philippe “ Bouli” Lanners, from his childhood in the region of La Calamine to his artistic ascent. The award-winning director said he was very touched by the difference he received on Saturday. “ This medal will not change anything about the promoter in my life, but the emotion it arouses is important. I am particularly attached to Liège, promoter the world knows it” , he told the Belga agency. “ I am first and foremost a citizen of Liège. I started my life there forty years ago, I have all my connections and all my friends there, I started my career there , I met the woman of my life there. It’s the city that formatted me, that built me. The title of honorary citizen is useless to me, but in my workers’ course, it is very crucial“, concluded Bouli Lanners.

The objective of this ceremony is, put the Liège authorities, to honor those who work or have worked, through their personal actions, their exemplary professional career, their achievements or their efficiencies, for the development or the reputation of Liège.

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