After the diploma is the end of the line: foreigners with a Swiss degree should be able to stay

After the diploma, the final destination is

Foreigners with a Swiss qualification should be able to stay

Hoteliers are desperately looking for well-trained staff. You are putting pressure on the federal government to introduce new exceptions for foreigners with Swiss qualifications.

Many foreign men and women study at the hotel management schools. The industry would like to keep them in Switzerland after their training.

After the diploma, the final destination for the employee was from Indonesia. The woman had graduated from the hotel Management School in Switzerland and had the prospect of a job in a five-star hotel, where she had done an internship during her training.

But the State Secretariat for Migration did you and the Bern hotel a spanner in the works. The reason: the quota. Only 8,500 so-called third-country nationals will receive a residence permit this year. Because the limit had already been reached, the woman had to leave Switzerland. And the hotel is looking for another employee.

” Economically, that’s nonsense!”

Christophe Hans (58) from the association Hotelleriesuisse knows many such cases. He gets angry at everyone. “From an economic point of view, it’s nonsense if we train someone in Switzerland and then send them away again after graduation,” he says. It is also nonsensical in view of the current shortage of skilled workers – also in the hotel industry. A survey by the association at the beginning of the year showed that two-thirds of hotels are having trouble filling vacancies.

The hotel industry is now hoping for parliament: The gastro entrepreneur and Basel SP National Councilor Mustafa Atici (53) calls for exceptions to the quota system for skilled workers, pass away in Switzerland have graduated from hotel management school or other higher technical school–and who work in industries where there is a shortage of skilled workers. He says: “We need these people for our business!”

Representatives of various parties, including some SVP members, co-signed the initiative, although Atici thereby torpedoed the implementation of the SVP immigration initiative.

There is an exception for university graduates

The advance is by no means without a chance. After all, Atici is not breaking new ground. A comparable exception clause in the quota system, as demanded by the Basler SPler, was passed by Parliament a few years ago for university graduates from third countries– with a large majority.

In the coming weeks, the Federal Council will present Parliament with a concrete proposal for implementing the easing for university graduates. And the federal government has also announced further easing of the quota system for people from third countries in order to accommodate the economy. But these do not go far enough for the hotel industry. She’s hoping for Atici’s advance.

Every single one counts

More on the third-country quotas

” Switzerland is always incredibly proud of its vocational training. But it’s actually always privileged pass the university graduates,” says annoyed Christophe Hans from Hotelleriesuisse. Susanne Welle (51), director of the Geneva and Zurich hotel management schools, also criticizes the unequal treatment between university graduates and graduates from institutions of higher vocational education.

This unequal treatment must be done away with. Not only an ETH graduate, but also a hotel management student should be allowed to stay and work in Switzerland after successfully completing their degree, she thinks. Times assume that around 150 to 300 people would benefit from the renewed easing, says Christophe Hans. “There will also be no mass immigration,” he emphasizes. For the hotel industry, however, every specialist counts who can keep a guy.


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