AGAIN, THEY ARE NOT WELL, THEY ARE IN TROUBLE! The local hotelier complains, claims that it will be difficult to survive: And tourists are already knocking on the door


The season is at the door. Like every year, there were classic laments about how there is no one to work, how the season will fail and how, surprisingly, quality domestic workers have gone to work abroad . Despite all that,

Croatia regularly breaks records

and every year has an equal or stronger and more successful season than the previous one.

Problems are looming What, allegedly, salt water awaits us this year, for the diary of the CNN branch

N1 television commented hotelier Milan Sesar, otherwise well known in those circles.

” I’m afraid we will have a big issue. Our refrigerators are full of bathrobes– from fish, meat and other food, but I’m afraid that there is no one to offer and prepare them, that is, that a certain number of people will not receive adequate service. This is the biggest issue of our profession – workers are leaving us, and new ones are not coming. People come to us with total ignorance, who have never worked in this profession, and then by the time they are adjusted, they leave again,” said Sesar, emphasizing that the whole society must be concerned about the workforce, especially in tourism.

‘ Bread with seven crusts’ Why is this so, the respected hoteliers wonder… )” Working in tourism is not easy. You need to know languages, approach a guest, sell goods, and that cannot be learned by someone who arrived yesterday from the street. I’m afraid that this will be our biggest issue this summer – that we won’t have someone to serve, to sell, to take the euros that the guest is ready to spend”, believes the hotelier. He sees the solution to the problem in two directions of action: ” One formula is to pay these people well, and the other is for the entire community to find a formula on how to invest and persuade young people to stay here and not leave, so that they can live well and be satisfied with their work”.

Salary as in Italy When asked how much the waiters earn in their hotel, he replied that these are internal matters and added: ” With me, a waiter would earn the same as in Italy, if not more. My staff have been working for 25, 30 years each, which is a sign that they are adequately rewarded because otherwise they would not have stayed that long”

He also boasted that he personally has no problems with the workforce because their workers have the same salary throughout the year.

“When a man knows that he will get an equally good salary and that it is safe, then he will not even think of moving on,” he said.


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