Ahead of the 2022 World Cup Final, France is struggling hard to deal with the contagion virus

WARTAKOTALIVE, JAKARTA – National Team France took the necessary precautions, to limit the impact of the contagious virus, ahead of the match last 2022 World Cup against Argentina, Sunday (18/12/2022).

National Team Coach France Didier Deschamps said that this step was taken amidst fears that the virus could spread to all of his squad.

Quoted from page Russia Today

Nevertheless, France still believes that the two players can appear in last game, although Deschamps said both had been isolated from the rest of the squad.

Upamecano recovered and sat on the bench against Morocco, while Rabiot remains isolated in his room at the hotel.

Meanwhile, another Les Bleus player, Kingsley Coman, reportedly felt ‘fever’ this week, but the specific infection is still unknown.

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Several people associated with the World Cup have reported having Middle East respiratory syndrome, a disease common in Qatar, which can trigger influenza-like symptoms.

” In Doha, the temperature drops a bit, you have to have the a/c on all the time.”

“We have had several cases of influenza-like symptoms. We’re trying to be careful it doesn’t spread, and the players have been working hard on the pitch, and it’s clear their immune systems are struggling,” said Deschamps.

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He later said, Upamecano complained of pain shortly after the match against England.

” That happens when you make an all-out effort on the pitch, then your body weakens, and you are more susceptible to being infected by this infection.”

“We are taking all the necessary precautions, we are trying to make sure it doesn’t spread, but the infection is certainly contagious, and we have to take precautions against it.”

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” We separate it from the others and also Adrien, ” Beber Deschamps.

France hopes that the threat of the virus will not hinder their preparations ahead of the last World Cup 2022

Because, they will face Argentina, led by Lionel Messi who is in his best performance. ( Fitri Wulandari)


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