Alberto Fernández: “Now the complaints are because you have to wait two hours to eat”

President Alberto Fernández stated that “the complaints” he hears from people “are children because you have to wait two hours to go eat”, since “the hotel and gastronomic industry is full”.

“When I see that today the hotel and gastronomy industry is complete, now it turns out that the complaints I hear is that to go eat you have to wait two hours,” Fernández emphasized, recalling the difficult situation that the sector went through during the pandemic of coronavirus.

El jefe del Estado analiza la estrategia electoral de cara a los comicios de octubre próximo.

Fernández promotes the formation of a national table of the Frente de Todos

”No queremos que la Argentina vuelva a un pasado de persecución de opositores”, sostuvo Alberto Fernández

Alberto Fernández analyzes forming a national table of the Frente de Todos

”No queremos que la Argentina vuelva a un pasado de persecución de opositores”, sostuvo Alberto Fernández

During his visit to the city of Concepción del Uruguay, in the province of Entre Ríos, he highlighted: “There was no activity in the pandemic that has suffered as much as tourism and gastronomy. As soon as the pandemic began, I met with them and told them I said “don’t worry, we’re going to see how we can help you” and we came up with a strategy that aged the ATP and we paid your salary”.Within this framework, the Head of State specified that between “75 and 80 percent” of the Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production (ATP) was allocated to the gastronomic and hotel sectors.”Why did we do it? Because what we really wanted was that no one lose their job and that none of these activities be closed, because the pandemic was going to pass and the next day we were going to be able to recover all those activities. The truth is that I was right”, he argued.However, Alberto Fernández mentioned those who criticized him for that measure and retorted: “If I had to face that, today I would do it again, because when I see what I saw today on Isla del Puerto, I realized that I was not mistaken”.When announcing the development of urban and sports infrastructure works in the Entre Ríos municipality together with the regional governor, Gustavo Bordet, the president affirmed that “development is beginning to be seen” and asked “to lower the noise of those who shout and listen more to the silent voice of those who need”.Regarding the summer season in Argentina, Fernández stressed: “This million personalities that came to Entre Ríos this January has to do with a tourist movement that we have had throughout the country and that is a historical record”.”22 million Argentines traveled through Argentina this year. They left their homes looking for a place like Isla del Puerto to come and rest. That means that we are moving the economy, that means that we are progressing and that development is beginning to be seen “, he stated.The president visited Entre Ríos after the short circuit that was generated between the Casa Rosada and the Government of Entre Ríos as a result of the impeachment request against the Supreme Court.The conflict arose after the national government released an official document containing the names of a group of governors who had supported the initiative, including Gustavo Bordet, but the man from Entre Ríos came out to deny it.In this context, the head of state affirmed that “Argentina’s recovery process needs to include everyone”, and maintained that “there is not a single municipality in the entire country that has not received public works from the national State”.For his part, Bordet expressed his gratitude to the National Executive for “the effort it has made in difficult times and for the measures that have made possible the recovery that we are experiencing in the tourism sector, industry, commerce and agricultural activity”. Also present were the lieutenant governor, María Laura Stratta; the Ministers of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis, and of Tourism and Sports, Matías Lammens.

source”No queremos que la Argentina vuelva a un pasado de persecución de opositores”, sostuvo Alberto Fernández

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