Alessandro Lequio and María Palacios enjoy a romantic getaway to Amsterdam

Famous couples · Alessandro Lequio Alessandro Lequio and María Palacios are celebrating. The couple celebrates 14 years of marriage and to celebrate it the collaborator and his wife have made an idyllic trip to Amsterdam Alessandro Lequio with his wife María Palacios. Gtres Updated on November 16, 2022, 17:05 Alessandro Lequio and María Palacios are living some super special days. The couple, always very discreet, is in Amsterdam for a very special reason. The collaborator and his wife have traveled there coinciding with their wedding anniversary. It was on November 15, 2008 when the couple got married in a romantic wedding that took place in the old monastery of Santa María de Sacramenia, in Segovia. A step in their relationship that came a few months after announcing their separation. The couple, after eight years together, announced their breakup in 2007, but later they reconciled and continue to this day, something they wanted to celebrate in the most special way. Both Alessandro Lequio and María Palacios have shared on their Instagram profiles photos of this trip to Amsterdam that corresponds to their 14th wedding anniversary. Coincidence of the date or not, what is clear is that they have been able to celebrate the success of their marriage there. María Palacios during her trip to Amsterdam. Instagram @laredsocialdemaria And these days, what they have also done has been to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of Madrid. In Amsterdam they have enjoyed cultural airplanes, meals, both walking and cycling… Activities during which Alessandro Lequio and María Palacios have shown themselves to be most relaxed. Alessandro Lequio in Amsterdam. Instagram @alessandrolequiosr What is unknown is if they went alone or if his daughter Ginevra Ena traveled with them. Alessandro Lequio and María Palacios became parents of their only daughter in common in 2016. This was the third daughter for the Italian, who was already the father of Aless Lequio and Clemente Lequio, the children he had with Ana Obregón and Antonia Dell’Atte respectively. And in her they find her greatest illusion and her best refuge for bad times. Moments in which marriage, although with the discretion that characterizes both, has always been very close. packing … source

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