AmCham Forum: protagonists from the public and private sectors discussed the future of health

The opening of the event was attended by Alejandro Díaz, CEO of AmCham Argentina, who welcomed the attendees and remarked: “It has been For more than 7 years we have been developing this space for public-private dialogue to jointly identify among all the actors how to face the challenges of its sustainability and promote the development of the health system of our country”. “ Today the focus is how we build the health of the future, promoting a sustainable integrated system with innovation, equity, and quality“, he added.

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La Cámara de Comercio de Estados Unidos en Argentina (Amcham) organizó este martes una nueva edición del AmCham Health Forum.

The camera of Commerce of the United States in Argentina (Amcham) organized this Tuesday a new edition of the AmCham Health Forum.

Then it was the turn of Héctor Daer, basic secretary of the Federation of Argentine Health Workers Associations, who in his dissertation on universal coverage and access to innovation stated ” the development of medical technology is exponential in scientific and economic terms. It must be adapted to a model that generates sustainability and produces the scientific conditions and benefits in a realistic framework If we aspire to to have universal health and an equitable and sustainable system, the great challenge is how it is financed and addressed in a solidary and unanimous way”.

For its part, the deputies Mónica Fein, Graciela Ocaña and Rossana Chahla, discussed how leg island for essential health. Fein expressed that “the system is inequitable, that is why we must seek agreements, consensus and have a political decision to seek guidelines that point to a reform of the system that is progressive We must improve the dialogue between the most articulately and make decisions to guarantee the right to health”. Along the same lines, Ocaña added “it is essential that we be able to give this discussion to all the actors and that it is not just a reform of a sector but a collective construction.” And in turn, Chahla commented “for 32 years I have heard that the health system is fragmented, we all agree that we need a great transformation. Argentina is one of the countries that has the most accessibility to the system, however, we lack integrate us. The State must be a guarantor because health is a right”.

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El encuentro se llevó a cabo en el Hotel Sheraton de Buenos Aires, contó con más de 400 asistentes y 25 expositores y moderadores.

The meeting was held at the Sheraton hotel in Buenos Aires, with more than 400 attendees and 25 speakers and moderators.

El encuentro se llevó a cabo en el Hotel Sheraton de Buenos Aires, contó con más de 400 asistentes y 25 expositores y moderadores. Nicolás Kreplak at the Amcham Forum

During the panel “Public Health Policies” which featured Nicolás Kreplak, Minister of Health of the province of Buenos Aires, the official highlighted “ in the Province we are building programs based on attention to where one lives because we saw that there is no preventive work Through different policies we are working on a reform of the system that aims at three pillars: decision-making capacity by the Government, digitalization program with unification of integrated and secure information systems, and a care mode based on care, in the prevented n and in the communities”.

1-N. Kreplak- Lorice Scalice- AmCham.jpg Nicolás Kreplak, ministro de Salud de la provincia de Buenos Aires.

Nicolás Kreplak, ministro de Salud de la provincia de Buenos Aires.

Nicolás Kreplak, Minister of Health of the province of Buenos Aires.

What said Fernán Quirós in his participation in the Amcham 2022 Forum?

For his part, Fernán Quirós , Minister of Health of the City of Buenos Aires, affirmed “the problems that the health system had 20 years ago have been deteriorating over time. That today gives us an opportunity to dialogue and seek basic consensus We must give society certainty about the type of service we are going to provide and what the health care strategy is” “I call for action so that the visions of all actors converge towards a consensual health model, and feasible in the long term ¨.

2-F. Quiroz – M. Arguello- g

Fernán Quirós, ministro de Salud porteño.

Fernán Quirós, Minister of Health of Buenos Aires.

The closing of the event was freighted by Abigail L. Dressel, Deputy Chief of Mission of the United States Embassy in Argentina, who stated that “ now that the world has emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not necessary to convince no one of the need to prepare for all contingencies in the health sector Our mission is to build a broad and common action strategy that responds to the topic of today’s argument, how do we build the health of the future? “. And he added, “cooperation between countries is key to ensuring advances in health that lead to safer and more productive societies.”

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The opening of the event was conducted by Alejandro Díaz, CEO of AmCham Argentina.

Among the figures that participated, in addition to those mentioned, the following stood out: David Aruachan General Manager of the Superintendency of Health Services; Fernando Avellaneda President of the Council of Works and Provincial Social Services of the Argentine Republic–COSSPRA; Silvia Fernández Barrio president of the Civil Association for Psoriasis Patients; Judit Laufer president of the Argentine Federation of Diabetes; María Magdalena Moret, vice president of the Latin America South country cluster of Medtronic; Jorge Luis Caridad, Managing Director of Janssen Latin America South; Juan Manuel Santa Maria, basic Manager South LatAm of IQVIA; Marco Antonio Musitano, General Director of the BD Southern Cone Hub; Daniel Londero, Head Bayer Pharmaceuticals for Bayer’s Southern Cone; and Leticia Murray, Country President South Cone Cluster (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia) of AstraZeneca. In addition, moderation was provided by Lorice Scalise, Roche’s basic Manager; Milagros Argüello, Country director Southern Cone of Boston Scientific; Rubén Torres, director of IPEGSA; and the journalists Florencia Donovan and Daniela Hacker

Photos: courtesy AmCham


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