“Amsterdam”. Christian Bale: They wanted a quiet life, they ended up in the middle of a global conspiracy

The movie “Amsterdam” was released in cinemas. It is a galaxy of stars, humor and a surprising sensational plot, based on unknown events in American history. The actor of one of the main roles and co-producer of the film, Oscar winner Christian Bale, gave an interview to the Polsat News reporter Agnieszka Laskowska, the only one in Poland. Agnieszka Laskowska: – When I was going to see your movie … Christian Bale: – Is this a picture with the queen behind you? AL: – Yes. ChB: – Lots of flowers and plants around you and your picture with the queen. Who is standing between you? AL: – A new king. ChB: – Yes, it’s Karol! SEE: Robot like from the movie “Avatar”. You go into the cabin and you can destroy cars. AL: – When I was going to watch a movie, I was told it was going to be a comedy. It’s true, because each of you has a few jokes there, even more than a few. But above all, it is a story with a moral. It is a warning that history repeats itself and will repeat itself in a worse way if we allow it. ChB: – The film is terribly funny to me, but – as you say – the goal of director David Russell was to tell about serious events that took place in American history. It really happened, and so few people know about it. David called me and said: I just got to know a great story, come here because I have to tell you. And so it all started. Against the background of this story, we created heroes. The movie shows the character of the characters and what we – me and David – like about them: no matter how much moral in the story, how many serious things happen, what happens to the characters, they overcome them with optimism. They’re not going to be mute, cynical, or hateful though it would be that easy. All the reasons why the 10 Friends Triangle is so interesting. But the main thing that delights us is that they remain cheerful among pathetic bastards. And this is the tenth highest expression of objection. VIDEO: Christian Bale’s interview for Polsat News Your browser does not support the video player … AL: – Yes, I completely agree. Heroes not only hope, but act. The important thing is that they are not indifferent. ChB: – It is very important. They never give up. They did not plan to participate in any way in the world conspiracy. They wanted to lead a quiet life. But by nature they are warriors, they are people who are not going to give up. And that’s what we like about them. Without exceptions, they return to give back to anyone who hit them. First, they are accused of murder, so they try to clear the accusation. In the process of these trials, they realize that they are in the middle of a global conspiracy. Not for a minute, however, they are intimidated by all those fat cats that rule the world. Your browser does not support the video player … mbl / pog / Polsat News Read more source

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