Amsterdam Vs Rotterdam Marathon (2023 Review)
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Amsterdam Vs Rotterdam Marathon (2023 Review)

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How did the organization and management of the Amsterdam Marathon compare to that of Rotterdam in the 2023 edition?

Amsterdam Vs Rotterdam Marathon (2023 Review)


The Amsterdam and Rotterdam marathons are two of the most popular long-distance running events in the Netherlands. The Amsterdam Marathon takes place in the vibrant capital city, while the Rotterdam Marathon is held in the modern and bustling city of Rotterdam. Both cities offer unique experiences, making it a difficult choice for runners.

Public Transport

Both Amsterdam and Rotterdam have excellent public transportation systems that make it easy for participants and spectators to reach the marathon venues. In Amsterdam, you can use the extensive network of trams, buses, and trains to travel around the city. Rotterdam also has a reliable metro, tram, and bus system that connects various parts of the city.

Parking Facilities

If you are traveling by car, Amsterdam and Rotterdam provide ample parking facilities near the marathon venues. In Amsterdam, you can find parking lots and garages throughout the city, but it is advisable to arrive early to secure a spot. Rotterdam also offers several parking options near the marathon start and finish areas.

How to Reach the Marathons

Amsterdam Marathon: The marathon starts and finishes at the Olympic Stadium. You can reach the stadium by taking public transportation to Amsterdam Zuid station and walking for approximately 15 minutes.

Rotterdam Marathon: The start and finish point is located near the iconic Erasmus Bridge. You can easily reach the venue by taking public transportation to Rotterdam Central Station and then a short walk or tram ride to the starting area.

Highlights, Features, and Specialties

  • Amsterdam Marathon:

    – Scenic route along the historic canals

    – Passing by famous landmarks such as the Rijksmuseum and Vondelpark

    – Lively atmosphere with enthusiastic spectators

  • Rotterdam Marathon:

    – Modern architecture and skyline views

    – Crossing the impressive Erasmus Bridge

    – Fast and flat course ideal for achieving personal bests


Both Amsterdam and Rotterdam offer a diverse range of culinary delights that cater to all tastes. You can find numerous restaurants, cafes, and food stalls serving traditional Dutch cuisine, international dishes, and mouthwatering street food. Make sure to try local specialties such as raw herring, stroopwafels, and bitterballen.


Both cities have a wide range of amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. You can find hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals that suit various budgets and preferences. offers a comprehensive selection of accommodation options in Amsterdam, including information on rates, available rooms, and promotions.

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What to Do and See Around the Location

Amsterdam and Rotterdam have much to offer besides the marathons. Here are some suggestions:

  • Amsterdam:

    – Explore the picturesque Jordaan neighborhood

    – Visit world-class museums such as the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House

    – Take a canal cruise to admire Amsterdam’s unique architecture

  • Rotterdam:

    – Discover the innovative architecture at the Rotterdam Cube Houses and Markthal

    – Enjoy scenic views from atop the Euromast tower

    – Explore the vibrant Witte de Withstraat street known for its cultural venues and entertainment

Description and History

The Amsterdam Marathon has a rich history dating back to 1975 and has grown into one of the largest marathons in the world. The course takes runners through the heart of the city, showcasing its historic sites and charming neighborhoods.

The Rotterdam Marathon, first organized in 1981, was established with the aim of bringing international athletics to the city. Since then, it has become renowned for its flat and fast course, attracting elite runners from around the globe.

Extra Services

During your stay in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, you may have the option to rent bicycles to explore the cities conveniently. Many hotels and bike rental shops offer this service, allowing you to enjoy the local cycling culture.

i Amsterdam City Card

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