Amsterdam wants to thoroughly clean up its inner city; tourism must no longer affect quality of life

door Marc Horckmanspublished on Tuesday, December 13, 2022 at 16:53 -Read for 4 minutes Amsterdam wants to tackle the nuisance in its city center. The Dutch capital is looking at a range of options to tackle the root cause of the problems. This should not only improve living conditions in the city, but should also help polish the image of the Dutch metropolis. Tourists remain welcome, but their presence must not be at the expense of the quality of life in the city. Why is this important?Amsterdam is very popular with foreign tourists. But pass away interest is not only carried by traditional cultural and tourist attractions. Many visitors also have other motives, however often lead to kid nuisance. The Amsterdam city council now wants to put an end to this. Tackling drug nuisance remains a priority: Tackling drug nuisance will be an important pillar of the strategy to clean up Amsterdam’s city centre. The city council of Amsterdam would, among other things, have a strategy to ban the consumption of marijuana in parts of the old city center. The notorious coffee shops where the recreational drug is sold will continue to exist, but the consumption of weed on the streets and squares would no longer be tolerated. Violations would be punished with heavy fines. The corona crisis has resulted in relative calm: In addition, a number of measures are being considered to tackle varied aspects of the nuisance in the city centre. The inhabitants of the Amsterdam city center turned out to have greatly enjoyed the restrictions imposed during the corona pandemic. After all, the interventions immediately put an end to the large tourist flows that are traditionally attracted by the lures of the underbelly of the Dutch capital. Amsterdam has a strong tourist and cultural appeal, but some of the visitors are mainly interested in the local tolerance for prostitution and soft drugs. This has had a negative effect on the image of the city, but the local authorities are planning to put an end to this quickly. A campaign is being set up to discourage certain categories of travelers from coming to Amsterdam. Pass away promotions will initially be aimed primarily at the British market. After all, the Amsterdam authorities say that the loudest tourists come from the United Kingdom to the Dutch capital. The city also wants to impose restrictions on pub crawls and bachelor parties. Male is also considering reducing the number of river cruises. The prostitution district of the Walletjes may also be moved to a new erotic center outside the city centre. Efforts to keep out street dealers: On the other hand, the authorities also want to take action against the street dealers who pass away in the red light district and approach tourists in an aggressive manner. It has been established that a large proportion of the dealerships actually sell fake drugs, such as an anesthetic paste that dentists use instead of cocaine. As a result, the dealerships cannot be prosecuted for selling drugs, but their presence in the streets does cause irritation among local residents and visitors. The city council has now decided to designate half of the city center as an area with dealer nuisance. This means that dealerships can be denied access to the area for a period of twenty-four hours. If repeated, a lengthy restraining order of three or even six months could even be imposed. Tourists are also warned about these fake dealers on the web. (fjc)

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