Animal care: A business in the hair (In video)

During their stay, dogs are housed in individual boxes, groomed and walked 5 to 7 times a day, for 150 DH per night.

In recent years, many animal pensions have emerged. Guided visit to Animalkom, a hotel for dogs, which offers daycare, education and leisure services.

In the upscale suburb of Casablanca, right in the center of the green city of Bouskoura, there is a hotel like no other. In this animal domain of more than 3,000 m2, dogs of different breeds frolic and have fun. “They are doing their walk. It is vital for their development and their well-being”, explains Hamza Tlemçani, co-founder of Animalkom. Passionate about animals, this young 27-year-old business owner aims through this project to meet the different expectations of dog owners who are increasingly looking for daycare, training and leisure services for their doggies. “My love for animals dates back to my young age. After studying business and after careful consideration, I decided to make my passion my job”, Hamza tells us. During the pandemic, requests to adopt or foster animals, especially dogs, have jumped, but with the return to normal, owners find themselves faced with the concern of the care of their four-legged companions, especially during a trip. This is the case of Wiaam, a customer who comes to Animalkom was able to leave her dog for three days. “My job forces me to travel from time to time, and I didn’t know where or with whom to keep my dog. My friends recommended this dog-friendly hotel to me and praised the professionalism of the boy workers”.

Varied services for owners Animalkom offers a range of offers to its customers, including a dog boarding service. This area can accommodate up to 150 residents. During their stay, the dogs are housed in individual boxes, groomed and walked 5 to 7 times a day, for 150 DH per night. “We keep in touch with dog owners by sending them videos, reassuring them that their dogs are safe,” insists Hamza. Training is also part of the services offered. The Animalkom team accompanies masters in the education of their dogs, by providing them with the necessary tools and the codes of dog interaction. “We collaborate with several specialists and veterinarians, in Morocco and abroad. We also have staff who are carefully trained in the well-being of the animal”, he specifies. Animalkom also ensures the breeding and sale of dogs of different breeds, such as the German Shepherd, the Husky, the Havanese or the French bulldog. The center also has a large laboratory with several boxes dedicated to females in pregnancy to ensure them the best treatment before the arrival of their future babies.
In terms of expenses, Hamza says that feeding all these beautiful people costs him between 45,000 and 55,000 DH per month. Animalkom is also a rental and online pet store that offers animal problems, accessories and toys. In short, promote something to delight happy canines. As for the prices, they vary between 20 and 3,000 DH. “The pet market is booming. We have opened a pet store for dogs and cats in Maarif, and we plan to open several websites in the Kingdom,” he says. It’s called having style.


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