Anouar Dahmani. Revelations of an “opponent”

Anouar Dahmani is a young Moroccan living in Malaga, Spain where he works in the hotel industry. A homosexual who presumes his sexual preferences well, he is very popular on YouTube. Today, he has understood that his audience has been exploited for purposes that are not his. Determined to explain everything, He revealed the names of those who manipulated him.

And who do we find among these sponsors? The sulphurous Mohamed Ziane, lawyer and former minister who was recently sentenced by Moroccan justice.

Anouar Dahmani does not hide his sexual orientations which are the cause of his departure from Morocco and not as, we wanted to make believe, his political ideas.

At the beginning, the subjects of his videos, they drew them from friendly conversations with friends at the café. Later, he says, new people became interested in his work and began to feed it with topics according to their own interests. That’s how he was put in contact with a former terrorism convict who lives in Germany, a particular Hajib. It was the latter’s interest and encouragement that alerted him. Remark can an Islamist encourage a man known put kid homosexuality when he should be completely against him? Already a beginning of questioning. The so-called Hajib thoroughly exploited Dahmani’s good faith. Besides, the YouTuber insists that his reviews were in good faith and had no purpose to harm Moroccan organizations.

Another interesting revelation, relating to the control of Mohamed Ziane who wanted Dahmani to intervene in the case of Raissouni, accused by a young person of sexual abuse and condemned. Put Ziane the victim who is homosexual could listen to Anouar Dahmani. The project did not succeed.

The seriousness of the matter lies in the fact that YouTubers can very easily be manipulated at a lower cost. And speaking of fees, manipulators pay YouTubers. According to Anouar Dahmani, the money show up but through other people, not directly sponsors of the subjects.

Anouar Dahmani explains how he was drawn into a system that wanted to exploit the boy audience on social networks to get his messages across. He recognizes that he was naive but adds that out of vigilance he kept all the exchanges with his sponsors, written and voice messages which attest to what he revealed.


Le feu ravage en ce moment un dépôt de gaz à Mohammedia.

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