Anthony Gignac, the swindler who pretended to be a Saudi prince for 30 years

Anthony Gignac is a swindler who has managed to create a life of luxury for himself, pretending to be an extremely rich Saudi prince, for almost three decades. As a toddler during this time, the man stayed in well-known hotels, ate at luxury restaurants, drove cars with diplomatic license plates and wore expensive jewelry. But he was given a goal by an amateur mistake.

Anthony Gignac, his real name is José Moreno, was born in 1970, in Colombia. Anthony and his younger brother, Daniel, were orphaned at an early age. In 1977, the two brothers were adopted by a middle-class family from the American state of Michigan, ending up living in the USA.

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Beginning of “career”

At the age of 12, Anthony Gignac had already started to pass himself off as a member of a royal family. He even convinced a Mercedes dealership to approve a test-drive for him, telling him that he is the son of a Saudi prince.

Starting in 1988, Anthony Gignac was arrested repeatedly, after posing as a member of a royal family from the Middle East.

At first he introduced himself as “Prince Adnan Khashoggi”, after the famous businessman and arms dealer from Saudi Arabia. Later, he started calling himself “Prince Bin Khalid Al Saud”, the tenth child of King Salman of Saudi Arabia.

In 1991, the newspaper “LA Times” called him in an investigative report as “The Prince.” Fraud” Anthony Gignac, using his royal identity, made huge expenses, staying at various hotels in Los Angeles and renting luxury limousines. He promised companies specifically that members of the Saudi Royal Family would handle the bills. Obviously, no one did. For this fraud, Anthony Gignac received two years in prison.

But prison was not going to stop Anthony Thus, throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, Anthony Gignac continued to use his alter-ego and make tens of thousands of dollars in expenses, promising that the bills would be paid by to the rich royal family of Saudi Arabia.


The Scams of Anthony Gignac

One of Anthony Gignac’s biggest scams was when he got American Express to issue him a Platinum credit card, with 200 million dollars credit, in the name of the real Prince Al Saud. He motivated his request by the fact that he had lost his card, and if he did not get another one in time, he would upset his father, King Salman. His request received a positive response, and American Express issued the “prince” a new card with the requested credit.

In 2003, Anthony Gignac was arrested after trying to collect an amount of $29,000 in the name of the real Prince Al Saud. He was sentenced to 77 months in prison in 2006.

During the investigation, Gignac told the police that he would received a line of credit from the Saudi Royal Family in order not to make statements, after allegedly having dubious connections with a real Saudi prince.

This time prison did not stop Anthony either Gignac The swindler perfected his techniques while behind bars, and when he was released, he continued to pass himself off as Prince Al Saud.

Indeed, Gignac was behaving and he looked like he was extremely rich. He lived in a penthouse in a skyscraper in a select neighborhood on Fisher Island, Miami, claiming that he was in fact the owner the entire building. He had as neighbors, among others, Oprah Winfrey or former tennis player Andre Agassi.

Anthony Gignac drove luxury cars, such as Ferrari, Bentley or Rolls Royce, which had license plates with numbers diplomatic. She had accessories from luxury brands and wore expensive jewelry.

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On social networks ” “prince” Anthony Gignac boasted of his elegant lifestyle

How was it caught Anthony Gignac

Everything came to light when he tried to contact a wealthy developer of real estate agent named Jeffrey Soffer from the card Turnberry Associates Anthony Gignac’s representatives got in touch with the businessman and they said that the prince wants to invest 440 million dollars in his hotel in Miami, called Fontainebleau

Soffer agreed to come to the meeting with Gignac. At the first meeting the “prince” arrived in a Ferrari with diplomatic numbers, being convincing about his identity.

Thus, Soffer started investing to keep the “prince” happy. He took her for a ride in his private plane and gave her gifts worth about 50,000 dollars. Because, right, what does 50,000 dollars mean when the “prince” was going to invest 440 million dollars in Soffer’s hotel?

Soffer still felt that something was not right. all right in this whole story. He noticed during the lunches that the “prince” devoured the pork with great pleasure. This is in total disagreement with the Muslim faith.

The developer then asked his security team to check the “prince” closely. Their investigations revealed that Prince Al Saud was none other than than Anthony Gignac, a repeatedly convicted fraudster.

Jeffrey Soffer notified the police. The “Prince” was arrested when he wanted to fly from London to New York using forged documents.


Later, investigators raided his home in Florida, where they discovered the complexity of the scam. All fake period. Starting with diplomatic registration numbers, which he bought on eBay, American Express credit cards, identity documents and even social media accounts.

The only things that were true in Gignac’s story were the jewels and real estate that he owned. But all these goods were obtained through complex deceptions. Dozens of people fell victim to the scams of Anthony Gignac, who convinced them that he was part of an influential royal family.

From his victims, Anthony Gignac obtained at least 8 million dollars and very expensive gifts.

In 2019, Anthony Gignac was sentenced to 18 years in prison. He was accused of fraud, false identity and illegal use of official capacities.

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