Antonio Banderas and his unexpected confession about sex

Antonio Banderas is about to launch’Company‘, his new theatrical project. After its successful run at the Teatro del Soho in Malaga, the musical that he directs, produces and stars in, returns to the stages of the recently opened Umusic hotel Teatro Albéniz of the capital on November 17. He has spoken about this and other issues on the set of ‘El Hormiguero’, where he has met with Pablo Motos. During his visit to the Antena 3 program, the star, director and producer spoke about love and sex, even revealing at what point his level of passion is…


When talking about his new play, the star talked about love and life as a couple.” Committing to someone … in that commitment you lose more than you win “, he started by saying about the reflection of his editing. “He is a character who chooses to live alone. Everything takes place in sketches spread over indeterminate space-time… He wants that freedom that not committing gives you, but he yearns for certain things that commitment gives. And you can’t have it all” . Pablo Motos has commented that many people today do not want commitments. “I have been engaged for much more than half my life”, the man from Malaga replied. “I have been married twice. And now I have one relationship that is practically a marriage although we do not have any role in between”.

“When that initial passion is over, people go looking for another passion”, says Antonio Banderas

“When you fall in love, you go to Japan on your knees if necessary to see that personality”, he added. So, the presenter wanted to know what he asks his partner to be with him. The interpreter answered: “Let him know that the time in the relationship changes the way of loving each other. That first passion will indeed disappear, but it will become something to which better, much more interesting. I would ask for patience. I have been in very long relationships, I have been married for 21 years… Everything is changing And if you are patient you find yourself again with very beautiful things on that path But we live in an incredibly orgasmic society and when that initial passion wears off, people immediately go looking for another passion like that, but they don’t have the patience to see that there are some stages of the process. love as a couple that only time can give you. There is no other way to conquer that place”.

antonio-banderas-nicole-kimpel-1572777278 antonio-banderas-nicole-kimpel-1572777278 Photo: Gtres

” There are people who think that love is the moment of passion… When a stage you should not have fond memories of that stage. Sexual passion is lost over time, but complicity is gained”, pointed out Pablo Motos. To this, Antonio Banderas qualified: ” I have not lost sexual passion”. The one from Requena laughed: “Antonio, we are not going to start saying nonsense. “No nonsense, very serious things,” the star replied. “Does the Netherlands work well?” Motos asked. And his guest settled: “They have always been very civilized”

¿ Cuántos años tiene Antonio Banderas?

Nacido el10 de agosto de 1960, Antonio Banderas tiene 62 años.


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