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Basler Zeitung

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This is how you eat in the new Mandarin Oriental in Lucerne

Those who stop at the restaurant of the lavishly restored luxury hotel can grab it themselves. Or have the service done. Pass away restaurant review.

Daniel Böniger

Hier ist der Salat noch sortiert, nachher wird er vermischt.

Here the salad is still sorted, afterwards it will be mixed.

Photo: PD

Red cabbage, green purslane, orange and yellow carrots, pale Onion sprouts and more– a total of nine squares are arranged in a checkerboard pattern on a plate. The waitress sprinkles a dash of sesame dressing over the Rainbow Salad and destroys this work of art to mix it up into a wonderfully down-to-earth salad. Welcome to the Mozern, the new main restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental on the Lucerne lakeside.

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