At the Amsterdam court, Houellebecq plays his last cartridge

After a failure in the face of French justice, the writer tried to ban a pornographic film in which he participated before a court in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The decision has been reserved for March 28. Michel Houellebecq’s judicial swerve took him to the Netherlands. More precisely in room A2 of the courthouse in Amsterdam. This is where his adventure continues, as well as that of his wife Qianyum Lysis Li, against the artistic collective Kirac and director Stefan Ruitenbeek. After being dismissed on March 3 at the Paris court, the author of Sérotonine continues his battle to prevent at all costs the release of the film Kirac 27, of a pornographic nature, which would feature the Houellebecq spouses. It all started on November 1 when Stefan Ruitenbeek, a fan of Michel Houellebecq, wanted to meet him to tell him about a project. After several exchanges and meetings with his wife in Paris, the author signs a contract with the director and agrees to be filmed having sex with other women. They are not prostitutes, but “fans”. In mid-January 2023, excerpts from Kirac 27 are broadcast on the networks. We see the successful author shirtless in a bed with a young woman, in Amsterdam. These images go around the world. Michel Houellebecq is furious and decides to do everything to prevent the release of the film – scheduled for March 11. He complains. “Are we in a book by Houellebecq?” This Tuesday in Amsterdam, the courtroom is not full. Friends of Stefan Ruitenbeek, some actors from Kirac 27, a cameraman and a few onlookers occupy the seats. Michel Houellebecq, he did not deign to come. Solely represented by his lawyers: the renowned Me Jacqueline Schaap, specializing in defamation and contract negotiation, and Me J.Klopper. To defend the writer, Jacqueline Schaap invokes her vulnerability when signing the famous contract. “Michel Houellebecq was under the influence of alcohol and drugs when he signed, she insists. He gave his rights without realizing the consequences. This contract is unjust and unreasonable.” Opposite, Me Alberdingk Thijm gets carried away, says he has the impression of swimming in delirium: “Are we in a book by Houellebecq? In a crazy dream? A show? asks Stefan Ruitenbeek’s lawyer. It can’t be a real trial.” The two hours of hearing only rehash the same arguments. Jacqueline Schaap insists on the mental state of her client to render the contract null and void and obtain an exit ban for Kirac 27. A strategy which makes Alberdingk Thijm say that Michel Houellebecq “uses provocation, as usual” to talk about him. Jini Jane (1), a 23-year-old philosophy student from Amsterdam, followed the pleadings without missing a beat. The young woman, model for the OnlyFans social network, participated in the film. She even had sex with the author in his Paris apartment. But his request to join the proceedings was denied because their antics were unrelated to the filming. At the start of the hearing, she said she feared that a victory for Houellebecq would be detrimental to her. At the exit, his round glasses do not hide his smile. She assures, confident, that the author of Submission “cannot win”. Optimism shared by the director’s lawyers, even if they “cannot predict the judge’s decision”. The decision, under advisement, is expected for March 28. (1) The first name has been changed to her stage name at the request of the person concernedsource

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