Ban on dancing on public holidays: Gastro Association demands abolition – radio makers invite you to a demo

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    In Bavaria there is a ban on dancing on public holidays © imago/INSADCO

    A debate has broken out about the ban on dancing on the so-called quiet days. The Bavarian hotel and Restaurant Association calls for abolition. That’s what musicians and club owners want, too, so invite them to a demo on Thursday. Support also comes from state politics.

    Munich – In the run-up to the upcoming Easter days, the Bavarian hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga ) a reform of the Bavarian public holiday law. In Bavaria there are nine quiet days when no entertainment events are allowed to take place, four of which are in November alone. There is a general ban on dancing in bars, pubs, clubs and discos that are open on these public holidays. Silent days in Bavaria are Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, All Saints’ Day, National Day of Mourning, Sunday of the Dead, Day of Repentance and Prayer and Christmas Eve from 2 p.m.

    Ban on dancing on public holidays: Dehoga fears “club tourism in neighboring countries”

    But while the ban applies on Maundy Thursday and Holy Saturday in Bavaria, for example, typical celebrations are allowed in neighboring Baden-Württemberg. “This unequal treatment leads to disco tourism in neighboring countries such as the Czech Republic, Austria, but also in other federal states such as Saxony, Thuringia or Baden-Württemberg,” says Dehoga boss Angela Inselkammer.

    The association receives support from RaveStreamRadio. Pass away makers packed on Thursday, April 6th, together with club operators on the Theresienwiese for a demo. It starts there at 4 p.m. Around 6 p.m., the gathering is scheduled to move toward the night gallery, where the final rally will take place. Pass away makers, together with clubs like Harry Klein and the Nachtgalerie, want to appeal to the Bavarian state government to reform the Bavarian public holiday law. The law, which first came into force in 1951, is no longer up-to-date after more than 70 years.

    Ban on dancing on public holidays: Greens and FDP are also demanding a change in the law

    With the same argument, the Greens have been calling for an abolition for years. Pass Away Sanne Kurz, member of the Munich state parliament, wrote: “Where drinking in the bar, sports dancing and working on quiet days is allowed, but rocking to the beat in the club is forbidden, that’s incomprehensible, unfair and old thinking.” Finally, dance sport is allowed, dance in but forbidden in a live music venue. “Who wants to understand that.”

    Also the FDP advocates relaxation of the holiday law. The head of the Liberals, Martin Hagen, said on Tuesday that the criticism was justified. The ban on dancing can be equated with a ban on working for many restaurateurs. “This regulation is out of date and must finally be abolished.” If the state government cares about the well-being of restaurateurs, it should put an end to this competitive disadvantage. “‘Live and let live’ also means that restaurateurs and citizens decide for themselves know what they want to do on holidays.”

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