Bapenda Ciamis Monitors Regional Revenue Sources during the Eid Moment,- Regional Revenue Agency ( Bappenda) Ciamis continues to strive to increase local revenue ( PAD) Ciamis Regency. One of them is by monitoring the potential of a number of regional revenue sources. Starting from restaurants, restaurants, hotels to tourist destinations.

Head of Bapenda Ciamis Aef Saefulloh and all his staff have been monitoring since D 1 Eid. There are also places that are the target of monitoring starting from the Karangkamulyan Cultural Site, Situ Wangi Kawali Tourism Object to Situ Lengkong Panjalu. increase in Ciamis regional income. From D 1 we are monitoring potential sources of income for the Ciamis area,” said Aef, Tuesday (25/4/2023).

Aef said several places where the concentration of monitoring is tourist destinations and restaurants. During this Eid holiday, many people spend their holidays traveling and eating.

” We, Bapenda, are the regional retribution coordinators in Ciamis. With this monitoring activity, we are continuously trying to increase revenue Ciamis,” said Aef.

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Another purpose of this monitoring is to stay in touch with taxpayers. Although from the results of monitoring, there are still several restaurants that are still closed. However, there are also many roadside restaurants that have opened to welcome travelers.

” They are restaurants that are open to welcome travelers who will return to their area. They rest and eat at home eat in the Ciamis area,” he said.

Regarding the potential of tourist destinations, he is optimistic that regional income from this sector will increase. At this Eid moment, a number of tourist destinations are visited by many local tourists and travelers who return to Ciamis. seeing tours. There are also local tourists who come with their families to eat with lead,” he said.

Likewise with Situ Wangi Kawali, which is getting more and more visitors after it was revitalized. Furthermore, Situ Lengkong Panjalu was also observed to have quite a large number of visitors.

” One by one the places are arranged in an effort to increase visits which will certainly have an impact on increasing regional income. I thank the visitors who have enjoy recreation in the Ciamis tourist spot. This is also to increase the economic growth of the community,” he concluded. (R9/HR-Online/Editor-Dadang)


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