Before coming to Canada, she painted murals in Afghanistan. Then she felt the walls closing in

The Taliban erased Art Lords’ murals, as well as banning TV dramas, music and painting.

The Taliban erased Art Lords’ murals, as well as banning TV dramas, music and painting.

Now remaining in a Mississauga hotel, 23- year-old concerns about thousands of Afghan ladies and women who see no future for their art, or themselves.

By Marjan Sadat Staff Reporter

Sun., Nov. 13, 2022 3 minutes. read

In a poorly lit Mississauga hotel space with a single bed and white drapes, a girl who left from the Taliban discussed her lost past and unpredictable future.

Narges Khowajazada, 23, belonged to an activist arts group till the fall of Afghanistan. She invested almost 4 years painting murals in Kabul. Like lots of other female artists, she had to leave her nation after the Taliban returned to power.

Art Lords is an international grassroots motion of activists utilizing art to produce social and behavioural modification. It saw a chance in transforming the blast walls developed to avoid suicide battles into a favorable visual experience, promoting recovery and peace.

Khowajazada contributed numerous murals in Kabul with confident messages over 4 years. For the last 6 months she has actually been residing in Mississauga in among the hotels scheduled Afghan refugees by the Canadian migration department. She’s far from confident about her own future.

When the Star visited her, she was worn a white T-shirt and denims, drawing a painting in her space, where the message had to do with a lady who wishes to go to school.

The U.S. assisted Khowajazada leave to Albania after the fall of Kabul and she pertained to Canada after a couple of months.

” The fall of Kabul was beyond the creativity of me and all Afghanistan’s females,” she stated in Persian. “The day Kabul fell, I remained in the Art Lords workplace painting. At 9 o’clock in the early morning, my mom called me to come house and stated the Taliban had actually gone into the city. I heard stories of Taliban cruelty in 1996 (when they initially concerned power). I remained in shock.

” After my mom called, I discarded all the paintings and coloured pens and ran towards house.”

Narges Khowajazada.

Khowajazada strolled house that day as all the streets were closed, and no vehicles were moving.

Taking a break from painting the eyes of her illustration at her hotel, she raised her face and questioned aloud about an illustration in her workplace: “What did the Taliban make with the painting of the woman that was half-finished?”

The Taliban quickly took down paintings or set them on fire. The confident messages painted on the city’s walls have actually now been changed with Taliban “Jihad and Freedom” mottos, in black and white.

Asked about her household, Khowajazada put down her painting brush, tears in her eyes.

” My mom is far, she remains in Afghanistan. I got engaged prior to the Taliban concerned power and my fiancé likewise could not leave Afghanistan with me since he did not have a passport.”

The story of Narges Khowajazada is undoubtedly the story of countless boys and females who left their nation after August 2021, leaving their households and dreams.

Although the girl is still identified to continue her operate in Canada, she stated she invests her days thinking about Kabul.

” Although I feel safe, solitude and the lack of my household are tiring, and besides, I do not understand where the brand-new nation with the brand-new culture will take my future,” she stated.

” Now that it’s been a year, I’m just alive, however possibly it’s prematurely to live.”

Khowajazada is still stressed over countless Afghanistan’s females and women who see no future for their art, or themselves.

Murals in Kabul by the group Art Lords,  a global grassroots movement  of activists using art to bring about social and behavioural change. The Taliban erased the art group's murals, as well as banning TV dramas, music and painting.

Many female artists have actually either remained in their houses or ran away the nation. According to the Taliban’s analysis, broadcast in Afghan media, the paintings of faces are blasphemous and messages on the wall from the previous age are “uncultured and affected by the West.”

The painting of murals thrived over 20 years.

The co-founder and president of Art Lords, who worked for more than 8 years to promote mural painting in Afghanistan, now resides in the U.S.

Omaid Sharifi sees no possibility of resuming mural painting under the Taliban. He states the program has actually not supplied a clear meaning of what art is legal or unlawful, even after more than a year in power.

” The Taliban have actually eliminated our graffiti and they do not desire us to do activities, and we do not have the guts to continue our work,” Sharifi stated to Star through WhatsApp, speaking Persian.

The Taliban have actually eliminated music, television dramas and art, stating that it is non-Islamic or not part of the culture.

As Khowajazada puts it: “In Afghanistan, not just our coloured pens lost colour, however with the guideline of the Taliban, the colour of our lives was likewise lost. Whatever in Afghanistan ended up being black and white, including our fate.”


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