Berlin Gossip : times in Dubai change you

Just over two weeks ago, almost every influencer who isn’t completely locked into a sustainability deal flew to Dubai to attend the opening party of the ” Altantis The Royal” hotel. Shameless, the cultured pop culture might think. Wasn’t there a Jan Böhmermann clip that took influencers to court for their trips to the emirate?Forgiven and forgotten, after all international celebrities are also there: singer Beyoncé sang for 24 million dollars and actress Rebel Wilson was in love with her partner. So the mean German self-promoter is entitled to treat himself to his piece of the pink cake.

In the “Berlin Gossip” there is, as is well known, no room for scandals that will degenerate into normality in the next moment, so we remind you again: In February 2021, a contribution to the program “ZDF Magazin Royal” caused a sensation in which Jan Böhmermann in usual humorous manner coded that influencers like Sami Slimani, Sarah Harrison or Georgina Fleur turned their backs on Germany, to pass in Dubai, exempt from trade and income tax, with money influenced in this country away to let the sun shine on the six-pack. The only drawback: Dubai issues so-called “influencer licenses”, with which the lucky recipient undertakes to only report positively about the emirate.

The named persons still live there and were to Most of them are also part of the exclusive hotel opening party guest list. In addition, there were many who still live in Germany, including television celebrities such as RTL presenter Nazan Eckes or jack of all trades Mandy Capristo. And the German tabloid was enthusiastic: “Leonie Hanne wears the Desert a sand-colored dress”, “Sylvie Meis is looking forward to Beyoncé like any normal person” and “Verona Pooth makes a faux pas: Popo-Blitzer in Dubai”, something like that was the title, no trace of criticism.

What about human rights?

This game is beneath our dignity. We want real news or at least real gossip. Alone, the willingness to answer questions about stays in the Gulf State is almost zero. Most inquiries were ignored by the traveling celebrities, the management of an otherwise very informative Berliner says: “Mandy Bork is not available for interviews”. We just want to know how it can be that concert videos (by Beyoncé ) are circulating on the Internet, although a strict mobile phone ban was in effect? ​​Please, even Berlin clubs manage to enforce such rules.

And then an answer, ex-Berliner, now Dubaiotin Fiona Erdmann, wants to answer questions in writing. Unfortunately, we couldn’t resist asking if there wasn’t a bit of a bad conscience? At least it was pass away Opening ceremony also advertising for a country that tramples on human rights? Pass Away Answer- Silence.. Bushido in Dubai in exile already knew : “Times change, you and your point of view”. Certainly, the lack of self-reflection among influencers is hardly surprising, but a bit of criticism would have been desirable.

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