Bled – Hotel Rikli Balance 4* Superior with half board for two and swimming pools from 159 euros

2002 (08: 30)

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Bled– hotel Rikli Balance 4 Superior with half board for two and swimming pools from 159 euros

Hotel Rikli Balance 4 Superior is located on an elevated location with a panoramic view of Lake Bled (200 m away), Bled Castle and the Julian Alps. The offer includes: ) 1 or 2 nights with half board (buffet breakfast and dinner) for 2 people 1 child up to 5.99 years and 1 child up to 11.99 years in a double Standard room

  • unlimited swimming in the thermal pools in the Wellness Center Živa

    The cheapest option is one night during the week which costs 159 euros, and two nights during the weekend will cost 318 euros. It can be used until the end of March. See more details here

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    Tartar cleaning with polishing and sandblasting for 20 euros

    Offer includes dental cleaning calculus with polishing and sandblasting with a free examination at the Dental Medicine Clinic Maja Parlov in Maksimir. Expiry date: 27.4.2023 Dr. honey. damages. Maja Parlov was born in Zagreb, and in 2008 she graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Zagreb. She gained her experience working in large dental polyclinics. In her independent work, Dr. Maja established herself as a complete dentist with special emphasis on dental aesthetics, prosthetics and endodontics. The reviews are praiseworthy. See more details here

    Yesterday (09:30)

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    Spa vacation by the sea– hotel Katarina 4 in Selc- – 2 nights and half board for two for 221 euros

    Hotel Katarina 4 * is located at the entrance to the picturesque town of Selce, in the immediate vicinity of the beach. The offer includes: ) 2 nights with half board (breakfast and dinner drinks included with meals) for 2 people 1 child up to 11.99 years old in a double room with an extra bed in hotel Katarina 4 *

  • use of the unique Katarina SPA zone and wellness
  • use of indoor pool with heated sea water and jacuzzi

    • use Gaming room with playstation 5 consoles and board games

    welcome drink, bottle of water and macarons in the room on the day of arrival

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    Weekend ski school for children and adults for 65 euros

  • ski school for 2 days (weekend) for children and adult beginners (groups are separated)
  • rental of ski equipment (includes ski helmet for everyone under 18, skis, boots and poles for advanced participants), and the participant must have his own ski suit and ski boots gloves)
  • use of the school cable car, all for 1 person organized by the Sport4you school
  • They are free for the coming weekend appointments in the afternoon, and for the weekend there are appointments both in the morning and in the afternoon. See more details


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    Search package to sexually transmitted diseases for 106 euros

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    Gift coupon for cosmetic treatments worth HRK 400 for HRK 200

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    By purchase of this trip for 38 euros you will see graduate Vienna: the Opera House, the Parliament, the Cathedral of St. Stjepan, Maria Theresa Square, Josip II Square, but also one of the most important European museums – the Albertina, which hosts the exhibition ‘
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    Complete systematic examination for men for 140 euros

    Systematic examination for men includes: clinical specialist examination and final opinion, ECG, laboratory tests (SE, KKS, complete urine, GUK, cholesterol , HDL, LDL, triglycerides, ALT, AST, gamma GT, AF, total bilirubin, uric acid, creatinine, Fe, UIBC, TIBC), abdominal, prostate and thyroid ultrasound, PSA (prostate cancer antigen). Medirad Polyclinic near Vrbik is equipped with the most modern diagnostic equipment and highly professional staff. Quality processing in one day with an individual approach is especially emphasized. Expiry date: 15/03/2023 The offer is at a 45% discount and costs 140 euros, for other details click here

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    Gynecological examination with pap test and ultrasound by Dr. Tanjica Pavlek for 46 euros

    The offer includes a gynecological examination, pap test and transvaginal sonography/ 2D ultrasound in the specialist practice for gynecology Tanjica Pavlek, who performs the examination. The pap smear is ready in 7-10 days. Expiry date: 24/03/2023 The offer is at a 33% discount and costs 46 euros (if you’re still in HRK, it’s HRK 349). See more details



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