Bomb attack and storming of hotel in Somali city of Kismayo

NOS News

In the center of Kismayo in Somalia, a vehicle exploded at the entrance of a hotel. According to the Reuters news agency, at least nine people were killed and 47 injured.

The car loaded with explosives rammed into the gate of the hotel after which it exploded. . After the blast, three men stormed the Tawakal hotel with gunshots. In the end, the three attackers were killed by security forces. A fourth was killed in the explosion of the car.
Responsibility for the attack has been claimed by the Somali extremist group Al -Shabab. The terror group has ties to al-Qaeda and also swore allegiance to Islamic State years ago.
In 2019, a similar attack in another hotel in Kismayo at least 26 people dead. Kismayo is located in the south of the country, about 500 kilometers from Mogadishu.
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