But not all dead: Several dozen fish rescued from the “Aquadom” rubble

These fish survived– this will become of you


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Überlebende der Riesenaquarium-Explosion: Ein neues Zuhause ist für sie bereits in Planung.

Giant Aquarium Explosion Survivors: A new home is already being planned for them. (Source: Fire Department Berlin)Facebook LogoPinterest Logo Facebook Logo

All toddler? no Amid the catastrophic destruction at a Berlin hotel, emergency crews find few surviving fish. Your future is already settled.

There are survivors: After the large aquarium burst, Berliners Firefighters rescued several dozen live fish from the “hotel Dom Aquarée” strewn with debris . The rescue workers had actually already given up hope: In the morning it was still said that all 1,500 fish in the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium, the “Aquadom”, had died after the bursting.

A fire brigade spokesman told t-online in the evening: “In the afternoon, employees from the high-altitude rescue service were on duty in the hotel. On the lower one Around the ring of the aquarium they found fish five to ten meters above the ground.” According to the speaker, the water had apparently collected in some hollows in the ring.

Berlin: The world’s largest cylindrical aquarium in the hotel Dom Aquarée has cracked, massive amounts of water are flowing out. (Source: t-online)

The lucky fish could survive here. It was initially unclear how many rescued specimens there were in the evening. The speaker: “It’s a colorful mix. There are all sizes and colors, and also saltwater and freshwater fish.” In the afternoon it had already become known that some fish had also been found in the basement of the hotel.

“Aquadom” in Berlin: high-altitude rescuers make a happy find

The twelve aquariums with saltwater fish were from the Explosion spared– according to the Environmental Councilor of Mitte, Almut Neumann , about 400 to 500 smaller fish.

According to the fire brigade spokesman, the fish that have now been rescued from the debris field have already found a new home: The Underwater world Sealife, in the immediate vicinity of the now closed hotel, has already taken care of the saltwater fish, for the freshwater fish they are going to the Berlin Zoo at the weekend.

” Today mac we don’t do that anymore,” said the spokesman. “This additional Grafik We want to spare you stress



Überlebende der Riesenaquarium-Explosion: Ein neues Zuhause ist für sie bereits in Planung. Graphic “Aquadom” (Source: t-online/Ulrike Frey)

There were also exciting hours in the “Aquadom”: In the hotel in near the Alexanderplatz the aquarium burst early in the morning, had a million liters of water then poured out of the shattered glass cylinder. Because almost nobody was out in the lobby early in the morning, only two people were slightly injured.


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