California to allocate $28 million to help migrants seeking asylum

Amid growing asylum claims in the US, California will allocate up to $28 million to help immigrants from Mexico, who will soon be released in the country and brought to justice. According to immigration officials, the money will be used to pay for hotel books for immigrants before traveling to their last US destination.

The money will also go to the ” San Diego Jewish Family Service” to provide food, transportation, and help with travel logistics. The state will fund short-stay health care services, including testing for Covid-19

Last week, the Biden administration authorized the entry of people into the country who would have to wait on the other side of the road. border under Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” policy. With that, about 26,000 people with active cases will be able to enter the American stronghold–about 25 people are released every day in the city of San Diego. The first asylum seekers waiting in the Mexican town of Matamoros, located along the border, were processed to enter the farm in Brownsville, Texas. The process began Friday in El Paso, Texas.

At the same pace, the United States is releasing more asylum seekers who are not registered under the country’s “Stay in Mexico” program, as well as hundreds of thousands of people before Trump left Mexico with the responsibility of receiving asylum. So far, California has been generous with helping immigrants allowed to stay in the US. Despite the new funding, it has spent about $12 million to help some 30,000 asylum seekers across the border since the Trump presidency.// Source: Nossa Gente.


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