Call of Duty MW2: a hotel destroyed in the game files a complaint… for real

A hotel in the capital of the Netherlands is far from proud of kid addition in Modern Warfare 2 and intends to launch legal action.

The photo-realistic adventures in Amsterdam of the reboot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are far from unanimous. Players around the world were surprised by the numerical but stunning variation of the capital of the Netherlands. This scene served as a standard bearer to show the graphic advancement of Activision’s shooter. However, this realism could well cost a lot to the studio which has drawn the wrath of a very real hotel and also represented excellence in this Amsterdam virtual. This is the Conservatorium Hotel, built in a former music conservatory with neo-Gothic architecture making this place a historic monolith of the town. In Modern Warfare 2, it is concerned with a particular “Breenbergh hotel”, but the appearance of the building leaves no room for doubt. This addition to Activision’s latest hit game is far from being to the liking of owners who are about to file a complaint At least that’s what reported by the Dutch media of Volkskrant which came into contact with the celebrations concerned. The studio behind the FPS could not offer any comment on this matter for the moment.

A conflict of values

But why go to such extremes for an easy virtual performance that might even bring in a lot of tourists? Promote is in the message circulated by the game put Roy Tomassen, hotel supervisor.

We have become aware of the unwanted inclusion of the Conservatorium hotel in a scene in the new Call of Duty. We do not support games that appear to encourage the use of violence. This game in no way reflects our core values ​​and we regret our unwanted offshoot.

Activision could therefore be sued for the integration of the hotel in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 without prior agreement. It is however difficult to know where the limit is when it comes to making gameplay sequences in real areas The name of the hotel having been changed, only the architecture remains recognizable. Modifying the building in game remains a possibility, but would be very costly in terms of immersion. It remains to be seen to what extent this individual retirement account, and if it can have an effect on the industry in the process of creating virtual zones inspired by real zones.

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