Can family accommodation replace hotel accommodation? Without the sun and the sea, you have to make an extra effort

Although it is known that Croatia depends on tourism, it lacks hotel accommodation, and in Slavonia, it also lacks family accommodation. They have to offer tourists there much more than clean bed linen and proximity to the beach.

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Tourists in Osijek, of course, cannot go to the sea, but can go for a walk in the Baroque Fortress. Instead of sunscreen they absorb– historical facts. After walking around the Fortress, you can literally walk around the spacious accommodation inside the buildings in the city center, often on two floors, with modern furniture, and a wonderful view. Such accommodation will cost them three times less than on the Adriatic

” Croatia is definitely in deficit with hotels and in principle it is 70 to 30 in favor of family accommodation at the level of the whole of Croatia. This overflow must also go to other parts of Croatia in order for quality tourism to develop It is not important that only coastal Croatia works, but that continental tourism works as well,” she said Barbara Marković from the Croatian Association of Family Accommodation.

It’s over on the Adriatic every room converted into an apartment. However, different rules apply on land, and the owners invest a lot of money in the accommodation

” We renovated the building from 1885 from the ground up. We have two types of apartments– one bedroom and two bedrooms, own kitchen and own bathroom” , said Bruno Andrijanić, manager of a family pension.

There, without sun and sea, you have to make an extra effort to satisfy tourists, who come from all kinds of profiles. Gastro-tourists are looking for food and wine, hunting tourists are looking for proximity to hunting grounds, congress tourists are looking for peace and rest. In addition, it is important for many tourists to be able to lock the bike somewhere, that it is safe, that they can tighten it a bit and fix it.

” I think that at this moment family accommodation in a quality way can replace hotels because are the offer and content, breakfast services are actually even better than hotels. Accommodation does not sell a destination. A destination sells accommodation,” said Marković to Dnevnik Nova television reporter Tino Kovačić.

Slavonija and Baranja offers tourists– and one and the other.

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