Catering: “200,000 jobs are missing”, according to Thierry Marx

The catering sector is sorely lacking in manpower. The head Thierry Marx, president of the main employers’ union of the hotel industry – catering, the Umih, is concerned this Tuesday about a “serious lack of workers” in the branch, on RTL D ‘after the doubly starred chef, “200,000 jobs” are missing in French establishments. At the beginning of December, Thierry Marx was already warning about this scenario and asked that the sector be “considered as under recruitment stress”.

The hotel and catering industry is indeed confronted to recruitment difficulties accumulated by the Covid-19 pandemic and the needs will repeatedly increase. The chef denounces a “scissors effect with the increase in the cost of raw materials”. The price of butter, eggs or flour, for example, has exploded. As for energy expenditure, they crush small traders.

Gas and softer hours

” Yesterday I was with a colleague who told me: “I went from 40,000 to 123,000 euros in expenses electricity There is no point in opening “”, reports the president of Umih on Tuesday. According to him, the government must above all “uncorrelate the price of electricity and the price of gas “. The tariff shield on gas has been extended until June 30 by the financial resources law 2023 but it does not protect companies.

However, restaurants will have to make efforts to recruit servers. Thierry Marx considers that the salary increases have been sufficient but that an effort on the “planning” of working hours must be made. “It is understood that we want to have one or two evenings a week, or to be able to take our children to school”, he slips.


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