Chamois died from fireworks years ago. The guards cut people at the hotels

Jan 2, 2023 at 18:23 I )

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Eight fines were issued in Demänovská dolina and Donovaly.

Ilustračná fotografia. Illustrative photo. (Source: TASR/AP)

BRATISLAVA A man took four children on a difficult hike in the winter, he first played the Slovak anthem under the peak of Kriváň, and then – in the fifth grade of nature protection – set off fireworks.

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Ilustračná fotografia.

The article continues under the video advertisement

Ilustračná fotografia.Ilustračná fotografia. Ilustračná fotografia.

He stepped there during the seasonal closure of the mountain trails.

The former policeman, also known for his protests against pandemic measures, in December 2020, the environmental inspection and the police began to deal with it.

of the Pavol Majko National Park.

He also showed off the video of the ascent on social networks.

In the fifth degree of nature conservation, he Last year, visitors also set off fireworks under the High Tatras mountain Solisko – at an altitude of 1,840 meters. ch, they try to set off private fireworks even in areas with the highest degree of protection.

“After New Year’s Eve in the Žiarská dolina, up to 14 chamois died in the 1970s,” recalls Majko. The frightened escaping chamois reached a slippery surface high in the mountains and fell. , because they trust their leader or leader,” adds the Director of Administration of TANAP.

This year on New Year’s Eve, the nature guards – both professional and volunteer – chose to wait for the visitors with pyrotechnics directly to hotels. Specifically, in the Low Tatras National Park in Demänovská dolina and in Donovaly, they shot people who, according to the director of the NAPANT Administration, Marek Kuchta, were already leaving the accommodation “with fireworks under their arms”.


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