Chano is the new guest at Hotel Miranda! and arrives to reverse “Mentía”

Unlike the rest, the collaboration of Miranda! with the former leader of Tan Biónica was kept secret and at the time of its launch it revolutionized the networks.

21/04/2023 Miranda! surprised by publishing this Wednesday night a new version of “Mentía” in which they had Chano as specific guest The premiere arose as part of the release of his album hotel Miranda, and captivated the fans of the artists. On the album, the pop duo brought together different national and international musicians to bring some of the most important songs of their career to the present day. For this reason, they chose the singer of Tan Biónica for this song that they accompanied with a video clip where they can be seen doing artistic gymnastics

The collaboration between Miranda! and Chano, unlike the previous ones, was kept secret until he got on the platforms of streaming It is that this union is one of the most desired and requested by fans on social networks, who were given an entertaining clip of “Lie” set with a eighties aestheticsFirm to the concept of the hotel Miranda!, the musician visits the accommodation from the pop band and in the gym he discovers love at first sight There, he is perplexed by the presence of one of the women who attend the class Juliana Gattas and will do everything possible to get your attention. In the album of reversions, which was released this Wednesday night, they also had the collaboration of Lali Espósito , who guest starred in a video with various references to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and Emilia Mernes, who played a doll that enjoys the hotel breakfast -in a clip reminiscent of Wes Anderson and Sofia Coppola’s films-. In addition, Sergi and Gattas had the participation of Bándalos Chinos, Cristian Castro, Ca7riel and Dillom. source

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