Cheap Group Accommodation Guide Amsterdam 2024

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Looking for cheap hotels, hostels, and other accommodation for groups in Amsterdam?

It can be difficult to find affordable hotels if you want to say in Amsterdam if you have a group of people.
Especially in the immediate vicinity of Amsterdam, hotels for groups can be very expensive!

This page provides you with much cheaper options if you are prepared to travel a little.

Amsterdam Hotels For Groups

Typical example: Group of 16 people.

You have a group of 16 adults and you wish to stay in the Amsterdam area for the lowest price possible if you don’t mind to travel a little further out of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is located in the province of North-Holland. The secret here is not to book a hotel thats in Amsterdam City Centre if you want cheap accommodation.

Sleep together or use bunk beds

Another secret is to use bunk beds or share a room.

europarcs amsterdamsebos bunk beds Trekkershut - Cabin 4

Here are some affordable options:

Topparken – Park Westerkogge

Topparken is a chain of holiday parks in the Netherlands that offers various accommodations and recreational facilities.
Park Westerkogge is situated in the small town of Berkhout.

They are a perfect base for exploring all that the Netherlands has to offer while still being close to Amsterdam.

Travel time to Amsterdam:
by car: Approx 35 mins
by public transport: approx 1.5hrs.

Price example for a group of 16 people, 5 nights:

topparken park westerkogge

EuroParcs Het Amsterdamse Bos

Europarcs is a company that operates holiday parks and resorts in Europe.

These parks offer a range of accommodations, including vacation homes, lodges, and camping facilities, typically situated in scenic or recreational areas. Europarcs provides a variety of amenities and services within their holiday parks, such as swimming pools, sports facilities, restaurants, and entertainment options.

They are also perfect for group accommodation and close to Amsterdam.

Amsterdamse Bos is a beautiful forest area on the outer edge of Amsterdam, located in the town of Amstelveen.

Travel time to Amsterdam:
by car: Approx 25 mins
by public transport: approx 1hrs.

Price example for a group of 16 people, 5 nights:

europarcs group accommodation amsterdam example

How To Book Cheap Group Accommodation in Amsterdam

Follow these steps to find the cheapest hotels, hostels, airbnb, bed and breakfast In the Amsterdam Area for groups and families.

Step 1:
Click on this link to go to the booking and search page>>

Step 2:
Make sure the destination is “Noord-Holland”

Step 3:
Select your preferred dates, how many nights you want to stay, and how many adults.
In the examples above I used 16 adults and 8 rooms.

Step 4:
Sort by Price: Lowest first.

how to book cheap group accommodation in amsterdam

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How To Get Group discounts for attractions in Amsterdam

If you want to explore Amsterdam as much as possible in 24-48 hours, I recommend you get the Amsterdam CIty Card.

What is the I Amsterdam City Card?

The I Amsterdam City Card is a tourist pass designed for visitors and tourists to Amsterdam.

i amsterdam city card activated

It provides free or discounted access to various museums, attractions, public transportation, and other activities within the city. The card is typically available for different durations, such as 24, 48, 72, or 96 hours.

Free access to museums and attractions such as:

  • The Rijksmuseum
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Windmill Village Zaanse Schans
  • Anne Frank House
  • Canal Cruises
  • and much more

The card is fully digital and can be used with your phone. This means you can pre-order the card online and install it on your phone.

The card also comes with a map and tourist guide.

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