China eases its fight against covid, it will no longer require visitors to quarantine

China will stop requiring people entering the country to undergo quarantine starting Jan. 8. A negative PCR test for covid-19 will be enough for them. Citing Chinese health authorities, Reuters reported this as a major step toward easing border restrictions that have been largely closed to foreigners since 2020.

Until now, after crossing the Chinese border, passengers had to spend at least five days in strict isolation and under surveillance in a hotel room, the DPA agency reminds. At one time, the quarantine was even set for 21 days.The changes also envisage that Beijing will “in an orderly manner” restore the possibility of traveling abroad for its citizens. Because of the coronavirus, which began to spread from China, Beijing has long promoted a policy of so-called zero tolerance and related strict measures. However, in November of this year, it provoked large-scale protests in the streets by Chinese standards, during which some even demanded the resignation of President Xi Jinping. Finally, in December, even under this pressure, the communist authorities turned around and fundamentally relaxed the measures. They officially justified it by the fact that the omikron variant does not have such a serious course in most infected people. After the relaxation of measures, the coronavirus is spreading very quickly in China. According to unofficial data cited by the DPA, 250 million Chinese were infected with it in the first three weeks of December alone.

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