China is on the attack

China goes on the attack

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    Russland, Indien, China: Die Großmächte in Asien rüsten militärisch auf.

    Russia, India , China: The major powers in Asia are arming themselves militarily. (Source: t-online)

    The meeting between the Chinese defense minister and Putin is a fatal signal for the West. Many major Asian powers are arming themselves militarily. This increases the risk of world war.

    imago images 0243510429

    Russland, Indien, China: Die Großmächte in Asien rüsten militärisch auf. Annalena Baerbock: The Foreign Minister during her first visit to China. (Source: IMAGO/Ding Lin)

    This is a fatal signal for the West. China is largely pursuing its own interests in the Ukraine conflict, and these go far beyond Putin’s war. Still delivering Beijing No weapons to Russia, but Western governments must not be under any illusions: Xi does not want Putin to lose.

    The Chinese regime has various reasons for this. First, Xi needs Russia as an ally in the geopolitical conflict with the UNITED STATES On the other hand, Beijing is about the control in the

    Region The Asian continent is fast becoming the center of the world and in control of the world away trade routes is existential for all great powers. That’s why not only China is massively arming itself militarily, but also countries like Japan or

    India Pass Away Danger of war in Asia is growing.

    Struggle for Asia

    More than half of the world’s population lives on the Asian continent. While the population figures are stagnating or declining in many European countries, more than 1.4 billion people now live in India and China, in Indonesia over 270 million. The example of China shows that the workbenches of the world are in Asia and the populous countries on the continent have great economic potential.

    But with the importance of the economic area, the efforts of many powers are also increasing, to bring the region under military control. For China, the movement of goods via the sea routes is existential and a theoretical blockade would lead to the economic collapse of the aspiring superpower because the country is also dependent on raw material imports. As a result, Beijing is making more and more territorial claims — at the expense of its neighbors in the region.

    The border disputes and the build-up of China to become a major military power mean that other countries feel threatened and, as a result, their Military retrofit. An overview:


    Russland, Indien, China: Die Großmächte in Asien rüsten militärisch auf. Chinese Army Soldiers: In recent years, China has invested heavily in its own armed forces. (Source: imago-images-pictures)

    “External attempts to suppress and contain China are escalating,” outgoing Premier Li Keqiang said at the National People’s Congress in Beijing in early March. With this, the Chinese leadership wanted to legitimize the increasing defense spending, which increased by 7.2 percent compared to the previous year. Beijing is providing 1.55 trillion yuan (210 billion euros) for the defense budget this year.

    China’s ruler Xi also said at the People’s Congress that he was preparing for war. In doing so, he wove the issue of readiness for war into four separate speeches, in one instance urging his generals to “dare the fight”.

    China is already the second largest military power in the world. However, the gap to the United States is considerable,

    Washington is quickly putting four times as much money into the armed forces as Beijing. Despite this, China has been working on modernizing its military for years. By 2050, according to Beijing’s plans, it is to be transformed into a “world-class” army that can compete with western powers.imago images 0243510429

    Xi Jinping und Wladimir Putin: Die beiden Machthaber wollen die Weltordnung stürzen, warnt Ralf Fücks.

    The People’s Republic already has– measured by the number of ships available– the largest navy in the world. This shows that the great power is primarily fighting for control of the maritime trade routes. China would like to become the dominant superpower through economic dependencies, but Beijing does not want to leave the military protection of the trade routes to the West. That’s why Beijing is arming itself.

    But the goals of the Chinese leadership are set for the medium term, and there is still a long way to go for China to become a major military power. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has hardly any personnel experience in war zones and many Chinese weapon systems have not been tested on battlefields.

    China is now the fourth largest arms exporter in the world But the US and Russia together are responsible for 56 percent of the global conventional arms trade. The United States is the largest arms dealer with a 40 percent market share, followed by China with 5.2 percent.

    2. Russia

    Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin: The two rulers are fighting for a new world order. (Source: Alexei Maishev/dpa)imago images 0243510429

    In the past, Russia and China have been competitors for dominance on the Asian continent. But Putin’s war in Ukraine has now cleared things up. Although Russia is still the largest nuclear power on earth, but it is highly dependent on China because the West is largely economically separated from Putins Reich averted.

    Putin has declared the war aim to demilitarize Ukraine. But the consequence of its invasion is that Russia in particular is losing military strength. Meanwhile, the Russian army has to send tanks to war that were built 70 years ago. Russian tanks are left unfinished in the factories because important technical components are no longer supplied by the West. While China is not yet sending weapons to the Kremlin, it is sending “dual-use” goods such as semiconductors. For the Russian armaments production, the import of technology from the People’s Republic is now existentially important.

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    Das ist wahrscheinlich der Hintergrund des Besuches des chinesischen Verteidigungsministers in Moskau. Pass away russische Armee ist kriegserprobt und insbesondere im Ukraine-Krieg sammelt sie Erfahrungen im Kampf mit westlichen Waffensystemen. Von diesen Erfahrungen könnte pass away chinesische Armee profitieren, indem sie zusammen bei Manövern mit russischen Soldaten trainiert. Russland ist zwar militärisch geschwächt, doch es bleibt das flächenmäßig größte Land der Erde.

    Deswegen plant China pass away Sicherheit in Asien mit Putin. Zum einen teilt male sich eine über 4.000 Kilometer lange Grenze, zum anderen blickt pass away Volksrepublik auf pass away Nordostpassage in der Arktis, pass away den Seeweg von China nach Europa in Zukunft deutlich verkürzen könnte, wenn das Eis schmilzt. Pass Away Herausforderung: Die Route führt größtenteils an russischem Festland vorbei.

    3. Indien

    Kampfjet der indischen Luftwaffe.

    Kampfjet der indischen Luftwaffe. (Quelle: Prabhat Kumar Verma/ZUMA Wire./ dpa)

    Die zunehmende militärische Schwäche Russlands wird vor allem zum Problem für Indien. Das bald bevölkerungsreichste Land der Erde ist von russischen Rüstungsimporten abhängig, pass away der Kreml mittlerweile kaum noch bedienen kann.

    Auch Indien ist eine Atommacht und pass away indische Armee verfügt über 1,45 Millionen aktive Soldaten. Laut dem Index der US-Seite “Global Fire Power” unterhält Neu-Delhi das viertstärkste Militär der Welt nach den USA, Russland und China. Im November nahm Indien seinen ersten Flugzeugträger in Betrieb, pass away Militärausgaben im Jahr 2021 betrugen 77 Milliarden US-Dollar

    Indischer Soldat: In der Region Kaschmir kam es erneut zu einer Auseinandersetzung zwischen Indien und Pakistan.

    Indischer Soldat: In der Region Kaschmir kam es erneut zu einer Auseinandersetzung zwischen Indien und Pakistan. (Quelle: Archivbild/Farooq Khan/dpa-bilder)

    Die Aufrüstung ist kein Zufall. Indien befindet sich in einer sehr komplizierten Nachbarschaft. Zwischen indischen und chinesischen Soldaten kommt es immer wieder zu Grenzscharmützeln im Himalaya, das Misstrauen zwischen den beiden Großmächten wächst. In der Vergangenheit haben indische Führungen Russland als Schutzmacht gegenüber China gesehen, aber der strategische Schulterschluss zwischen Xi und Putin bringt Neu-Delhi in ein Dilemma.

    Indien muss selbst für seine Sicherheit sorgen und pendelt auch deshalb mehr in Richtung Westen. Der Ukraine-Konflikt ist für pass away indische Führung zwar weit entfernt, aber pass away militärische Bedrohung, pass away von China ausgeht, wird als so groß wahrgenommen, dass Indien zuletzt dem Werben des Westens nachzugeben schien. Für den Westen ist es eine Chance, Indien aus der rüstungspolitischen Abhängigkeit von Russland zu lösen. Aber dafür müssten vor allem pass away USA einspringen und pass away Lücken beim indischen Militärnachschub füllen.

    Die Lage für Indien ist nicht einfach: Der indische Erzfeind Pakistan und ein weiterer Nachbar Bangladesch erhalten im großen Umfang Waffen aus China. Pass away Volksrepublik kontrolliert außerdem einen Megahafen in Sri Lanka Indien fühlt sich demnach zunehmend von China umzingelt, der Druck auf pass away indische Führung wächst.

    4. Japan

    Japanische Militärübung im Pazifik:

    Japanische Militärübung im Pazifik: “Größte Herausforderung seit dem Zweiten Weltkrieg” (Quelle: STR/JIJI Press/AFP through Getty Images)

    Japan ist nach China und den USA pass away drittgrößte Wirtschaftsmacht der Welt und viele Jahre hatte eine sehr pazifistisch e employed population not interested in rearmament. That has now changed.

    Around 43 trillion Yen (297 billion euros) wants Japan in spend on national defense and new weapons systems over the next five years. In the future, the armaments budget is to increase from one to two percent of gross domestic product.

    In the island state you are reacting to a threat, according to the Japanese government “The biggest strategic challenge” the country has ever faced: China. The striving for power of the Asian dictatorship under Xi and the Chinese military maneuvers in the Pacific are becoming a serious security risk for Tokyo. In addition, he fears that in the near future Beijing Taiwan could attack militarily. But on top of that, China is also laying claim to Japanese-controlled islands and aggressive tones from North Korea worry the Japanese government.

    Eine Animation zeigt einen möglichen Angriff Chinas auf Taiwan

    Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen: With her offensive diplomacy has turned Taiwan’s head of state against China. (Source: IMAGO/Chien Chih-Hung/Roc Office)imago images 0243510429

    Japan wants to station more than 1,000 long-range missiles in the south of the country. This was reported by Japanese media in August 2022, citing government officials. It is about the conversion of existing weapons, the current range of which is to be increased from 100 to 1,000 kilometers. This would enable Japan to hit both Chinese coastal areas and North Korea.

    Also, Japan’s ships and planes would be able to pass fire away converted missiles. The missiles would then be deployed on and around Kyushu, the southwesternmost of Japan’s main islands, as well as on small islands near Taiwan, according to the media.

    As a G7 member, Japan is the most important strategic partner in the region for the West. Above all, the USA rely on the alliance with the island republic in order to have a military presence in the region. The US military maintains several military bases on Japanese territory, which are particularly important if Taiwan is to be defended in an emergency.

    Dangerous Conflict Over Taiwan

    An animation shows a possible attack by China on Taiwan (Source: Reuters)

    Next to the major powers Whether they are upgrading in the region or already have great military capabilities, there are other conflicts on the continent that are causing uncertainty. In the southwest is the

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