Complaints at FRF's meeting with League 2 and League 3 bosses: “Stupidity gets the cold shoulder and the wine is spilled. When would something like this have ever happened in Nașu's time?”

Article by – Published on Wednesday, 22 February 2023 14: 16/ Updated on Wednesday, 22 February 2023 15: 55

These days, in Sibiu, the FRF is organizing a meeting with the representatives of League 2 and League 3 clubs. )Staying at a hotel chosen by the forum led by Răzvan Burleanu, the participants are dissatisfied with the conditions offered.

Dissatisfaction with the meeting organized by Răzvan Burleanu

The leaders present in Sibiu complain about the organization, the way they are treated and what they received at the hotel restaurant. And one of them compared the meeting in Sibiu with those organized by the former president of the FRF, Mircea Sandu. ” When would it ever have happened in Nașu’s time” ( no – Mircea Sandu) so? We get cold schnitzels with rice, some cucumbers, tomatoes and some cookies. To top it off, they didn’t even reach everyone because some had two portions each. Stupidity gets spilled wine and even the coffee isn’t free. It pays. And the leaders of the FRF separately ordered their steaks, sausages, wine from Purcari, bottled,” said one of the participants for

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