Complete silence in the hotel: Pixi had a message for critics, Serbian footballers are preparing for their return

The Serbian team is preparing to return to Belgrade.

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Serbian football players were eliminated from the World Cup in Qatar after two defeats (to Brazil 2:0 and to Switzerland 3:2) and one draw with Cameroon (3:3).

The Serbian team is scheduled to return to Belgrade on Sunday, the flight is scheduled for 09.00 Serbian time, i.e. 11.00 local time.

There was complete silence in the hotel, there were not many people.

Dragan Stojković Pixi, coach of Serbia, sat with his assistants Bratislav Živković and Goran Đorović, and Stevan Dik Stojanović, director of the national team. and Zoran Filipović for coffee at the hotel.

At one point, the selector told the critics .

“Maybe some would like me to go to Paris, but they won’t be able to, they won’t be able to”, Stojković is clear.

BONUS VIDEO Serbian fans thunder in Doha: Who can steal from me …



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