Conditions like in Greece! The hoteliers of Neptun set fire to the forest

Finally, Romanian hoteliers took heart and started offering tourists conditions like in Greece! Marcel Carămida, the owner of a small 3-star resort in Neptun, set the tone.

Two days ago, inspired by what he saw in Thasos, Marcel set fire to the forest near the resort. Now, his hotel too boasts heavy clouds of smoke, a finger-length layer of ash and embers flying through the air, just like the luxury guesthouse in Greece he took as his design.

) ” Well, what, they should have it, shouldn’t we? I would dare to say that it burns even better here, because the trees are older!” Marcel boasts. “Maybe that way, when he sees that it’s like in Thasos, the tourist will also come to us, even if it’s a photo more expensive.”

The firefighters who intervened to extinguish the fire confirm that the landscape resembles Greece, but at least there they could park their car for free when they came to fight the flames.

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