CONSUMED THE MARRIAGE JUST LIKE THAT! Maja and Bilal celebrated their first wedding night with a fierce action, jumping on the bed without fuss! (VIDEO)

KONZUMIRALI BRAK SAMO TAKO! Maja i Bilal žestokom akcijom obeležili prvu bračnu noć, bez blama odskakivali na krevetu! (VIDEO)

PrintScreen/Zadruga Official

Maja Marinković married Bilal Brajlović yesterday in “Zadruza 6”, and they spent the night consummating their marriage, and the bed in the hotel shook like never before

Maja and Bilal gave in to their emotions and as soon as they found themselves under the quilt mountain, they started their hot adventure. -LRB- -LRB- PrintScreen/Zadruga Official -LRB- As in the law to marriage … Maja and Bilal -LRB- -LRB- And although it was questionable whether get to the wedding at all because the newlyweds had a heated argument at the bachelor party, the day before the wedding of Maja and

Bilal reconciled and arranged a wedding to remember. -LRB- -LRB- And after the wedding celebration, the newlyweds enjoyed intimate relations in the apartment that lasted until dawn. -LRB- BONUS VIDEO: Send us a news, photo or recording to 0648482459

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