Crisis? Barby Franco told why Fernando Burlando sleeps in a hotel

The model, who is almost seven months pregnant, explained that the lawyer is recording a truth program. “It lasts only 15 days,” she clarified.

20/09/2022 About to enter the seventh month of her pregnancy, Barby Franco will spend some days without the company of Fernando Burlando That news made the version that the couple is going through a crisis gain strength. However, the model explained the reason for the separation and assured that it is something temporary “What do you think of those portals that say that Burlando left you and now lives in a hotel?” Asked a follower in an Instagram story. Taking the question with humor, Franco replied: “ He went to a truth that lasts only 15 days. He is happy! I hope he wins it. I am in favor of the there is only one life and you have to do what makes you happy”.The report of a breakup emerged on Sunday night (America) when Guido Zaffora claimed that the former stewardess of Welcome Aboard She did not like that her boyfriend agreed to participate in a television program at such a special moment in their lives.” The one who sent the mucus is him because he accepted a proposal and she told him ´Stop, now…?´. And everything rotted. But I think this couple is going to come back. It’s angry, but now they’re separated. He doesn’t sleep in the house today,” said the entertainment journalist when he provided the information that has already been denied.Barby Franco Barby Franco According to what transpired, the lawyer is going to be one of the contestants who will be isolated and locked up in a hotel as part of a cycle that Marley will lead. Other figures that will be part of the kid cycle María Fernanda Callejón, Sofía Jujuy Jiménez, Juli Puente and Sol Pérez

Barby Franco told why the doctors asked her to rest: “I thought the baby was moving, but no”
Last week, Fernando Burlando gave a note in Intruders (America) and revealed that Barby Franco was advised to rest in the sixth month of her pregnancy. Later, as a guest panelist on LAM (America), she revealed why she had to stop her routine: “I had caught a small urinary infection and that caused me to have contractions”And he added: “At first I had thought that the baby was moving from one side to the other and my belly was hard. Until at one point it had hardened a lot and had turned very sideways. There I said ‘there is something that is not regular’“.Despite the complicated and worrying days, the model was in charge of bringing peace of mind “The girl is impeccable, she is super well, in the echo she comes out playing with the umbilical cord”, he assured with a smile.
In addition, making it clear that everything is going in the best way, this Monday he told his fans again that everything is going in the best way. “In my case, I am having a very, very good time The pregnancy was so desired, that perhaps that is why I do not see the ugly part or nothing ugly has happened to me yet ,” he assured.


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