Cristian Castro surprised with his look at the presentation of Hotel Miranda!

Cristian Castro surprised at the presentation of hotel Miranda! (Video: Tik Tok)

Cristian Castro has accustomed his audience to all kinds of eccentricities. The Mexican singer usually appears with different looks in his hair and uses the most ingenious costumes, among other originalities. But, this time, he went viral on social networks for his presentation with Miranda!, that took place last Wednesday and during which she appeared in very tight turquoise boxer leggings and a jacket that she took off at the last of the program to expose her upper body.

Ale Sergi and

Juliana Gattas

, members of the duo that was releasing the collaboration album hotel Miranda!, they celebrated the occurrence of Shorty, with whom they did a reversion of “Prisonero” originally recorded in the year 2007 And then they continued with the show. But Tik Tok users put the magnifying glass at that moment and the video began to circulate at a dizzying pace. About the last, the singer gives him the garment that he took off from a personality in the public, leaving him half-naked. Miranda’s ambitious project was launched on music platforms while the musicians gave a recital for the press and friends at the former Elevage hotel, specially decorated for the occasion. In addition to the interpreter of hits like “Lloviendo estrellas” and “Por amarte así”, they were part of the album

Lali, María Becerra with FMK, Chano, Bandalos Chinos, Sofía Reyes, Francisca Valenzuela and Ca7riel

According to the concept of the work, all the invited singers would be like the guests of the hotel in question, which would also have two rooms reserved for

Andrés Calamaro and Juan Ingaramo And the videos of each theme, which have the realization and art direction of

Malanie Anton

, refer to this while maintaining the style that identifies the band. Miranda! (Instagram) Miranda! (Instagram)” Our new album is the most ambitious project in which we embark. Reversions of our classics with guest singers and different producers. To all this we add the concept that the album is an audiovisual work. Each song has its video, and all the videos are linked together in a sequence that shows the day to day of the strange activity of the hotel Miranda! and its mysterious owners”, said Sergi about the album.

And he continued: “It would have been impossible to carry out all this work without the contribution and generosity of all those involved. They all collaborated in a very professional manner, without neglecting the emotional side that aroused work on songs that for many have been company at different times. In fact, everyone delivered so much that it felt like they made the album for us. We gave everyone overall freedom to interpret, arrange, rewrite and everything they proposed to us we liked and it always turned out better than what we had imagined”.

Finally, Ale acknowledged: ” We feel lucky to have so much talent on our side. And somehow we feel that this is a tribute that we do to ourselves, and that it is magnified with the love and dedication of the guests. It will undoubtedly be a watershed in our career and we feel proud and anxious to finally share the result of a work that took us almost two years between planning and realization”. The band performed the live presentation of hotel Miranda! on the 21st and It will continue on April 22 and 23 at the Teatro Gran Rex, and on October 4 and 5 at Luna Park in Buenos Aires.

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