Curiosities about Nikola Tesla that perhaps you did not know

The physicist and innovator Nikola Tesla is not only known for being the discoverer of alternating current (which unleashed the called ‘war of the currents’) and an innovator through and through, since he came to register more than 900 patents, but as one of the most eccentric men that ever lived. He was a solitary personality with a somewhat strange behavior. Today we review some information that you may not have known about this genius

He was born during a thunderstorm

It could not have been a better omen. Tesla was born around midnight on July 10, 1856 during a fierce electrical storm in Serbia. The curious thing is that his own mother would say, before the voices that pointed out that a birth in the middle of a storm was a bad omen, “no, he will be a child of light”. Never better said.

He had a great sense of humor

Most, when they think of scientists, imagine them as dry and unfunny individuals, but Tesla was a creative personality, a creator; And, inventors, by definition, often have an interesting way of looking at the world. To show a button. This is what she wrote to a friend after having dinner with the writer Rudyard Kipling:

‘ My dear Mrs. Johnson, what’s wrong with Kipling? In fact, he dared to invite me to dinner in a dark hotel where I would surely put hairs and cockroaches in my soup’.


The eternal rivalry with Edison

Many drew Nikola Tesla and the innovator Thomas Alva Edison as enemies , but historian Bernard Carlson claims this relationship has been misrepresented. Of course they were on different sides in the ‘ war of the currents‘ (direct current endorsed by Edison and alternating current advocated by Tesla), but the historian he considers that they were more like the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of their time. They both had a love/hate relationship and mutual respect.

Suffered from cholera

At barely 17 years old, the young Tesla fell ill with cholera, which almost took him ‘to the other neighborhood’. He spent up to 9 months bedridden and came close to death on a few occasions. He finally recovered and his father kept his promise to send him to study engineering if he recovered his health. So it was. The rest… is history.

He had somewhat unusual habits…

We have already talked about his eccentric personality at the beginning. Tesla was always focused on his work; so much so that barely slept, something that did not help his habits that delved into what obsessive-compulsive For example, was obsessed with the number three(and all numbers divisible by 3) and performed certain compulsive rituals associated with this number (such as walking around the neighborhood three times before entering the house). He also suffered from germaphobia, that is, a tremendous fear of germs, for which he always used napkins and handkerchiefs in abundance, especially when eating. He had a great aversion to dirt and was terrified by the mere gesture of shaking hands with a personality. And that’s not all: he always had dinner, always, at 8:10 pm every day. Without discussion.


She was an environmentalist personality

He realized that the citizens of the Earth were depleting the natural resources of the planet too fast and he thought that the best way to curb this expense was to use alternatives to fossil fuels: renewable sources. Hence, he investigated the possibility of collecting natural energy from the ground and the sky, creating artificial lightning in the laboratory, among other things. She had in her head the concept that it was possible to make energy free for everyone. Unfortunately, nobody seemed to be interested in financing this type of energy. Period too soon.

He never married

He decided never to get married for a compelling reason: he was firmly convinced that celibacy helped him maintain his creativity at full capacity.


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