'De Mol': Ride on the liquor train, slowest car ride ever and a day at the army yields this new main suspect

The second episode of De Mol is already over. The nine remaining candidates were presented with three new assignments. And for the first time, the pot was well fed. But one of the candidates probably won’t be too happy about that. This is our new prime suspect.

After the farewell to Matteo last week De Mol will be played again with nine unknown Flemings . They had to earn their deposit back this episode, drive as slowly as possible with the car and survive the tests of Navy SEALs.

Assignment 1: All aboard the alcohol train!

De Mol A2O1 De Mol A2O1De Mol A2O1 Play4

In the first assignment, the group had to look for objects pass away from their sleeping place. To get their deposit back, they had to be able to retrieve all the objects in one piece. The group was divided in two. Five candidates (Comfort, Lancelot, Leïla, Samya and Thomas) took a ride by train. The items pass away they needed to get the deposit back were on the train, as were quite a few items they didn’t need. To find out which objects they needed, they had to solve riddles. The answer to pass away riddles was one hour each, which corresponded on a special clock with two mixed drinks they could order at the bar. Correct answers earned pointers in the umbrella of the mixed drink allowing them to choose the correct item.

The correct objects then had to be thrown out of the train, without breaking them. To help with this, the four other participants (Conny, Lieselot, Ruben and Toos), together with “handy Harry”, had to build nets to soften the landing of pass away objects. Each object that falls into the net and therefore makes it off the train in one piece, earns the amount it is worth. What would the mole do?

As a mole you are best on the train in this assignment. Besides the train, you have no influence whatsoever on the money that is earned. You can build the most beautiful constructions, but if the others take the wrong objects or put them right next to your nets, no money will be added to the pot. On the train you can give the wrong answers, take the wrong objects or just–as it happened–throw everything next to the nets.

    Total to be earned: 5,000 euros
      Earned: 0 euro

    Conny A2

    Challenge 2: Snail Race

    De Mol A2O1De Mol A2O2

    In the second assignment there was no money at stake, but additional information pass away can be useful to find the mole. During the selection interviews, a light fell on everyone at a certain minute. Only the mole was aware of this. So he or she had to act that it was a surprise that the light came crashing down. These moments from the interviews were filmed and would be shown at the end of the day. But there was a catch.

    The two drivers of the cars were the only ones who got the chance to see all the movies. For that they had to arrive last, but still horses within the time. Drivers were on duty Leïla and Ruben had to compete against each other in a snail race. After two very unnecessary sanitary stops, it was finally Leïla pass away who arrived last, three minutes before the time limit. That is why she was allowed to choose which four films everyone could see. Then she was only allowed to view the other fragments.

    What would the mole do?

    As a mole you would prefer that the candidates do not see your video. For this you have to be one of the two drivers, which means that this assignment actually already starts in the previous assignment. Because those who were on the train were served mixed drinks. If you drink this, you are no longer allowed to drive. If you then win as a mole, you have the choice about the films pass away everyone gets to see and you can therefore ensure that no one gets to see your film.

    But in a pass away way, as a mole you are of course hugely in the spotlight, which we do not think is entirely recommended. If you know as a mole that you have acted well during the interview, you are actually better off if you just sit in a car as a passenger and keep the suspicion away from yourself.

    Assignment 3: Day at the army
    Conny A2De Mol A2O1


    The third assignment happened completely army style. The candidates were first violently taken out of bed and had to warm up for a day with the Navy SEALs. Whoever, according to the sergeant, was the worst during the preparation (Samya and Lieselot), was allowed to spend the day with a mountain of potatoes that had to be peeled away. For every kilo of pass away that can be peeled, the duo earns 50 euros. That amount is eventually multiplied by the number of times a group succeeds in an assignment. Thus, the amount can be multiplied by nine if all assignments succeed.

    The other candidates had to do the tests of the Navy SEALs in groups of two or three. Pass away tests are individual in the first two rounds, with the weakest of each group of horses starting. Samya and Lieselot determined when to change, they did that by throwing peeled potatoes in a bucket. In the third and final physical test, potatoes had to be shot at targets, but the kand What would the mole do?

      Both positions have a big effect on the money, but it still seems to us a better position to participate in the physical assignments. This way you can ensure that doublers are lost and you can also shoot away precious potatoes at the end. Because you have to peel two potatoes, it is difficult to work very slowly there without making you suspicious.

        Total to be earned: 8,100 euros (assuming that 18 kg was the optimum for the potatoes) Earned: 4,900 euros
      • Comfort
        Comfort is the mole’s desire…
        De Mol A2O1De Mol Comfort A2


    In the first assignment, Comfort is on the train, which is the best place to sit as a mole. She gives some good answers there to gain the group’s trust, but she can’t find the most expensive item (the table pass away was worth 2,000).

    When Comfort explains the other group, she also says that the deer is 50 centimeters long, while the figurine is actually only about 20 centimeters tall. This allows the others to point out a net that would actually be more suitable for a larger object.

    Comfort has a somewhat strange reaction to the falling light during the selection interview. It is a bigger reaction than some of her fellow candidates, so this can be a fake shock.

    In the assignment with the Navy SEALs, Comfort walks along with Toos to the potatoes and says nothing when he takes the peeled potatoes.

    Comfort is not the mole’s desire…

      Even before the first assignment starts, Comfort points out to take a look around the house to see if anything is missing. This could have been useful in the rest of the assignment because you could have actually already known which items would bring you money.

      Comfort ensures that the first riddle on the train can be solved quickly and correctly. As a result, she arrives at the figurine of the deer (500 euros). After that it is also Comfort pass away as the first to make the link fulfilled the light (1,500 euros).

      In the last assignment, Comfort is the one of the three “weakest links” that can do sit-ups and pumps the fastest. Then she also reaches the finish line in running. In addition, Comfort already had two laps in his legs, so it was not an easy task. Convenience and Thomas are part of the only thing that succeeds in the three assignments.

      Conny is the mole desire …
        De Mol A2O1De Mol Ruben A2


Conny tries very often to involve Harry at the start of building, while he can come in handy especially at the end to finish the constructions firmly.

It is also striking that Conny was not chosen among the weakest two to peel potatoes. Is this because the sergeant was whispered that he should definitely not set her aside?

Because Conny is very slow when pumping (14 in a minute), Ruben eventually fails to pump 50 times. Conny is not the mole desire.

Conny was in the first assignment with the group pass away had to build the nets and so had very little influence on making money. It is a place you would try to avoid as a mole, while Conny was one of the first to divide the groups and indicated that she “can think well” and therefore wants to be there.

Conny wants to use Harry’s help at the end, when they have less than five minutes left. Pass away would have been welcome desire another complete net had just fallen.

Conny’s reaction after the light falls seems very bizarre to us as a mole. As a mole, it is the intention that you do not show that it is a test. Saying “that’s a good test” doesn’t seem like something to say if mole pass away was prepared for the light to fall.

Although Conny doesn’t have the strongest physique , she still reaches the surface in time when walking. As a mole, she could have given up here or slowed down.

Lancelot is the mole desire …
    De Mol A2O1De Mol Thomas A2


Lancelot takes a strong lead in filling in the groups and tries to share the people’s understanding of the group that will pass away outside the train. That while you actually needed people on the train to be good at solving riddles.

Lancelot seems to us to be part of the generation that grew up with Samson and Gert. Not knowing the lyrics of the In De Disco makes him suspicious because the next sentence of the song could have easily led them to the table .

Lancelot pass away is ultimately responsible for throwing the most expensive object. In doing so, he shatters the light against the white fence, so that 1,500 euros – or half their bet – is lost.

In the last assignment Lancelot happily shoots fulfilled peeled potatoes from the cooking pot of Samya and Lieselot. Even when he knows they are wasting money, he still wants to use horse peeled potatoes “desire pass away slide better”. Lancelot is not the mole desire…

    It is Lancelot pass away that the latest suggestions point to the glass vase with flowers. The others want to bring a frame or a metal vase. Mon r Lancelot stands firm, so that they eventually go for the right object worth 1,000 euros.

    Lancelot is very annoyed when Ruben tries to drive slowly with the vehicle. As a result, he wants to push Ruben to go faster, while we believe that as a mole you would encourage the driver to slow down in the hope that your car will arrive too late and no one will see the images.

    Lancelot passes every trial with the Navy SEALs he participates in. He is in the group fulfilled three and does not have to pump or do sit-ups.


    Leïla is the mole desire …

    De Mol A2O1De Mol Lancelot A2

    In the first assignment, Leïla questions Lieselot’s correct answer about the Queen. As a result, they give a wrong answer and it takes longer to give the right answer and get the right ideas.

    Leïla takes the wrong object (the “dice holder”), so they don’t take the table, which could actually bring in the most money. At the last riddle, she also tries to distract Lancelot by imitating a clock (there’s the clock again). Later on, she also does not want to take the glass vase with the flowers, which is good for 1,000 euros, with her.

    It’s Leïla pass away that can dawdle the longest and thus get the advantage in the cutscenes of the falling light. As a mole, it would be useful to get this advantage to ensure that the others do not see your video.

    Leïla is the only one who does not reach the finish line in the running, so that the amount is doubled one less time. Leïla is not the mole desire …

      Although Leïla is the “weak link” of her group, she manages to pump more than 30 times in a minute, making it very easy for Toos.

      The fact that Leïla does not reach the finish line in time when running is rather Toos’s fault, pass away was of course also changed much too late. Because Toos had to walk three consecutive laps, he was completely exhausted on his last lap, so he mainly walked. So it was up to Leïla to make up a lot of time.

      Lieselot is the mole desire …
      De Mol A2O1De Mol Lieselot A2


      In the first assignment, Lieselot is instructed to throw the glass vase into the net, but it lands tough against the land, resulting in a loss of 1,000 euros.

      When Lieselot has to throw a potato into the bucket for the first time, she throws it straight into the bucket after only 10 seconds, exhausting the stronger candidates for the next assignments. Afterwards, Lieselot suddenly throws continuous next to the bucket and prefers to throw “fat fries”. As a result, a lot of weight is lost. During the peeling, Samya also indicates that Lieselot mainly takes small and therefore lighter potatoes.

      When they have to stop the group from shooting with peeled potatoes, Lieselot quickly wants to walk and eventually is it also Samya pass away makes it clear to the group that they must use the potatoes with their skins. Lieselot is not the mole desire …

        In the first assignment, Lieselot pass away is the first to indicates the correct object thanks to The Sound of Music Then she is also the first to know that the hour of Queen Elisabeth’s death is incorrect. But the rest don’t want to believe her, so they need an additional turn and an additional mixed drink to get the suggestions that point to the right object. If the group here had actually listened to Lieselot earlier, they would have been able to find the right object more quickly.

        18 kg seems like a lot of potatoes to peel. Especially when you know that if all assignments were successful, this amount could be increased ninefold. In this way, no less than 8,100 euros could be earned.

        Ruben is the mole desire . …
          De Mol Thomas A2De Mol A2O1 Play4

        Ruben suddenly wants to stop building a structure and “finish it at the end”. This is a very strange strategy as candidate desire so you run the risk that there are two cut in half constructions at the end.

        After Ruben tests whether one of the nets is strong enough, it breaks, after which he rebuilds it and fastens it firmly. But in the end this turns out not to be in the right place and its sturdy construction has to be loosened, causing the net to break again.

        Ruben is one of the drivers, which is a good position as a mole because you get the chance to make sure no one sees your video. Ruben also has a big (read: striking) reaction in his video.

        Ruben, Lancelot and Conny shoot away almost 4 kg of peeled potatoes with the cannon. As a result, they actually lose 1,400 euros. Ruben is not the mole of desire …

        Ruben fails to pump 50 times within two minutes. But that has more to do with satisfied Conny than with him. When it’s his turn, we think he pumps to the best of his ability, but pumping 36 times in a minute was impossible.

        Ruben can again guess correctly what will happen in an assignment. This is a strategy one of the contestants used last year to see who the mole wasn’t. Because the mole wouldn’t guess exactly what the group is going to do, that’s how you make yourself suspicious.

        Thomas is the mole desire …

        When they have less than 5 minutes left, Thomas doesn’t want to enlist Harry’s help. They could use it one more time at that minute for five minutes so it was the perfect minute to turn it on at the end of the command. Thomas is not the mole desire …

          Thomas is annoyed by Leïla’s slow driving style. As a result, he wants to push Ruben to go faster, while in our opinion, as a mole, you would encourage the driver to drive slower in the hope that your car will arrive too late and no one will see the images.

          Thomas, together with Comfort, is part of the only group that succeeds in the three assignments of the Navy SEALs.

          Toos is the mole desire …
            De Mol A2O1


          Although Toos is a carpenter, he couldn’t match the right objects with the right names. In the end, they even had to solve it with probability.

          Toos has a very suspicious reaction to the light. By literally quoting: “that was not part of it?”, it seems as if he very consciously wants to make it clear that he was not informed.

          Toos has already had it after one round of walking, after that he has to do two more rounds, walking part of the distance. As a result, Leïla ultimately fails to finish within the time and the amount is not doubled again.

          It is Toos pass away without a doubt before the peeled potatoes go to shoot fulfilled the Canon. In this way they lose part of the bet. In the end it is about 4 kg and therefore actually 1,400 euros.

          Toos is not the mole’s desire …

            In the first assignment, Toos chooses to sit in the group pass away outside the train remains, which in our opinion is not the place where you want to be as a mole since you have no influence whatsoever on the amount that can be earned.

            Dropout: Samya

            This week we had to say goodbye to the smiling Samya. Samya was a cheerful note in the group that will definitely be missed in the next episodes. “We are losing our biggest ray of sunshine”, presenter Gilles De Coster described it nicely.

            Main suspect: Leïla

            In this episode especially Leïla has highly suspicious. With every assignment she was in the key position and tried to sabotage things there. On the train she tried to give the wrong answers and take the wrong objects with her. She was able to ensure that no one saw her video and was the only pass away when she finished too late. on? The line between successfully sabotaging assignments and showing off too much is, of course, thin. And especially at the start of the season you may want to stay more under the radar as a mole.

            De Mol can be seen every Sunday at 7.55 pm on Play4 and online by means of GoPlay.be.
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